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Good yearbook names?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) September 24th, 2012

I am on the yearboook team and we are trying to thik of a cover/title for our yearbook. We are Hawks from Livermore, California.

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The school yearbook doesn’t have the same name year after year, just with different cover designs and dates? Every school yearbook that I’ve heard of has a permanent name and just comes out in a different edition each year.

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This years crop.

or maybe:

In Case The Mayans Were Wrong.

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@Jeruba is correct, as always. My high school yearbook has had the same name since it was first started in 1926.

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The Perch

Hawks Nest

The Aerie

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@filmfann That’s hysterical. In Case The Mayans were Wrong. Too funny.

@tianalovesyou I am pretty sure my year books had a different name every year also. I’d have to pull mine out to double check. I seem to remember one year is was Sail On. I don’t remember the other years.

Let’s see what I can come up with. Hmmm…

On The Go
Take flight
Moving On
Looking to the Future
Good Times
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Mission Impossible

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And So It Goes
Onward Hawks
Lest we Forget
Let’s Not Forget
Friends Forever
The Young and the Restless
We’ll Never Forget

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As @JLeslie mentioned, our yearbook did have a different name every year. I like @uberbatman‘s suggestion.

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our yearbook was called Mnemosyne, she was the greek titaness of memory

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Our school has been around for only two years :p

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How about the Hawk Eye?

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The Wormtube.

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If you’re looking for a name that you can use forever, I really like @Skaggfacemutt‘s suggestion of Hawk Eye. In 10 years no one will even think of M.A.S.H. It signifies the Hawk watching everything that’s going on with each class during the high school years and reporting it in the yearbook, The Hawk Eye. Or The Hawk’s Eye.

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@Sunny2 Thanks, I liked it! The Hawk’s Eye is even better.

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@Skaggfacemutt You’re very welcome.

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Maybe The Bird Bath?

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