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Cell phone experts -- Can I activate a prepaid phone on my rate plan?

Asked by thesparrow (2733points) September 24th, 2012

So basically, I’m a little naive.. and also impatient. I went out and bought a prepaid phone from someone for cheap. It’s brand new, unused, etc… I’m not at liberty to divulge further details.

Anyway, I got really happy thinking ‘wow! I bought a really cheap phone that I can now use with Bell! SWEET!’ But of course, as all things that are too good to be true, the phone won’t activate. Or at least, I’m not familiar enough with the process of activating.

So my question is: if I was sold this prepaid phone, can I still activate on my account even though I have a rate plan? The people at Bell are telling me this is impossible; others are telling me the people at Bell are full of shit

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I’m not good enough to answer you without some more details. I use a prepaid phone but I don’t use Bell.

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Not sure how it works over there, but over here in Hong Kong the phone plan is linked with the SIM card, not the physical phone. So I would be able to swap my SIM card of my prepaid plan into another phone, and the number would automatically transfer and be useable. If the SIM card is of a different size (e.g., the one for the iPhone is tiny), there are shops which can trim the SIM card to the right size / provide padding to size up the chip.

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The phone I want to activate does not use a SIM card (some don’t).

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@thesparrow It may not work because it was a “BRICK” at the mobile company, and came out of the “Return to Manufacturer” bin.
The other thing is it might not be compatible with Bell, is it a Bell phone?

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If it doesn’t have a sim card, you really have much more limited options.

But the only ones who can give you an accurate answer here are those who work for Bell. Why not give them a call?

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Here’s a page for Bell Mobility in Ontario for use of phone on Bell Network.
They mention the use of a SIM for Bell, thought you said you don’t have a SIM phone.

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Hey guys, Bell activated the phone for me without problems. It was just a matter of calling customer service. They won’t do it for you at the store but as soon as you’re on customer service they’re shitting their pants. Horrible company.

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