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My first day I find interest in creating a website, so where do I start?

Asked by wizard (703points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I know I have to choose a domain name (for free, right?) and after that I’m completely lost. I’m against anything like freewebs/anything-like-it. I’m interested in creating my very own .com website, do I really have to pay or can I get ads to do the work?

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1. Domains are not free.
2. What is the purpose of your web site?
3. What will its content be?

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Unless your making it for a business I would suggest a blog or something. Ive wanted to make a site too, but in the end decided to leave the .com for when I start my business. A blog is useful for most people. Especially to get started with ads, pics, and sharing information.

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That’s the main reason for a website, pictures. Thanks willbrawn, I’ll try a blog.

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