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When a person meets their idol what part of the brain becomes highly activated?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) September 27th, 2012

For instance when a fan is in the front row and the singer of a rock band comes up to the front row and reaches out with their hands, the fan will most likely reach out their hand in hopes of connecting with that musician.

My question is what part of the brain longs for or triggers the chemical release to want this sort of connection? Or what part of the brain is stimulated?

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A complex network of brain areas would be involved, but some of the main players would be the amygdala, which would supply the positive emotional tone to the perception of seeing the singer reach his hand out to you; and the nucleus accumbens, which regulates desire and delivers a reward when desire is satisfied.

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^^^ Seems to work the same with cheesecake. ;-)

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The idiot part. I have met a few celebrities and most are just normal (some better looking of course!) people with talent and should be treated as such, people are so crazy.

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