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Should I pursue a side job of modeling or is it a silly idea?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) September 27th, 2012

I’m 23, mixed Asian, 5’3, proportional fit body, and I’ve always been interested in the modeling scene and photography. I’ve become particularly interested in print, car, and glamor modeling which is great because most of those models are my size. I think it’d be a great and fun side job since I’ve always wanted to do it. Part of the reason is I’m tired of being seen as the pretty innocent girl. I want to bring a “sexy” side out. I’m not looking at it as a main career path because I’m being realistic here, it’s not likely! I’m almost done with college too so I might be still working within the family business or try to work for Limited Brands. Of course I’m keeping in mind future careers that will not get me in trouble for these type of photos

Anyways, there’s this successful model named Tiffany Habib in my hometown. She’s been on Maxim, FHM, and car magazines.

I gave her a message on Facebook and asked how my “cousin” would get a start in the industry in a small town when really I was asking about myself. She told me what I could do and also referred her own company called WWW.PINK-ELITE.COM. She has several models, one girl I recognize, in her company and a lot of them have found pretty good work in magazine pages, events, photo shoots, etc. She has a model workshop coming up that costs $200 for the whole day (she rarely has workshop events): advice, guidance, photo shoot with hair and makeup, images, etc. It’s a per-requisite before joining her modeling company if she thinks we have potential and likes our look. She mentioned she was looking to add diversity and she liked how I looked and wanted me to try it out.

Might I add, her company staffs models for my boyfriend’s car club which I never knew lol. Boyfriend and I are pretty good friends with the president of the car club and she works with him!

So is it worth giving it a shot? I mean, I’m young and I have the time but I’m afraid of being looked at as vain and conceited lol. Haven’t talked to this about my boyfriend either.

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Sure – why not if you want to do it?

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I think you already know your answer and are here looking for validation. I would say GO FOR IT! I don’t like the idea of charging you $200 for a “workshop,” but it’s not that much to invest. I don’t know what country you are in, but when my son was modeling we also had to pay for photo shoots and zed cards. Since he was a kid, they had to be updated often. He never made what it cost us, but he had fun.
If you want to make any money at it you will probably have to take it more seriously than a “side job” and be willing to invest a lot more than $200.00 to get there.

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Whether I’m interested in modeling or not…I had planned to take some glamor or fitness photos for my boyfriend. I love taking photography as a hobby but I also want to be the one being photographed for a change! So yeah, good point about that Judi, I’ll be paying money for photos for fun whether I do pursue it or not. I think it already helps Miss Habib and I know someone in common we have connections to.

I just don’t know how I’d explain it to my boyfriend without him thinking I want to do it for men. I hypothetically asked him the other day, “Would you be mad if I got into modeling?” He said no if it’s my job, what I wanted, and as long as guys knew I was taken lol. So we’ll see if its truly how he feels. I hope he supports it :P

Thanks everyone.

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Yesterday, a friend of mine mentioned that most models are done by age of 22. It’s a very short career. Obviously, there are older models, but I gather that it gets harder and harder to get work after you turn 22. Just something to keep in mind.

It might be an interesting job. Not sure if it is a fun job. You need to be a good poser and be able to flash a real smile on demand. There is a lot of make-up putting on and off. The conditions are tiring, and if you aren’t a big deal, you may not get paid a lot. It is probably not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

On the other hand, people really do need models to enhance their products. It is all about marketing. Your job is to sell things. If you enjoy selling things, then it could be a good experience for you. But remember, it is not about you. It is about your ability to appear glamorous in photos (and not everyone can do that—it’s not a given) and to make a product —usually clothes—look good. If that’s what you want to do, then go for it!

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Is he the jealous type? Does he get upset if other men pay attention to you? My husband likes it when other men notice me. He says its a testament to his good taste. I know some men get real territorial about that. That would drive me nuts.

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I don’t mind short career, as I said it’s not realistic it’d even be a career! lol, but most of the glamor/car modeling doesn’t matter about age as long as you look good it seems. I was thinking about being a fitness model once I reach my goal body but if I want to do this then I think I have to ease up on adding muscle to my arms. I’ve always wanted “nice” photos of me, and if I get paid for it that’s a plus.

My bf is somewhat the jealous type. He doesn’t make a big deal if men hit on me or pay attention to me. He doesn’t care if I mention a guy is cute. BUT for some reason on my bodybuilding page (it’s not actually bodybuilding but just fitness people) he got jealous because it’s mostly muscular fit men commenting and adding me. But I mean the fitness world of muscle is predominately men. He got over it though.

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Give it a try. Stop lying. If you decide to try, you do not have to get the bf’s permission.

If you do try, forget about labling yourself conceited (“vain” is a synonym). People who use their brains to get jobs don’t call themselves intellectual snobs; ditto for professional athletes, who capitalize also on their skills.

Be prepared to lose the $200.

Part of the reason is I’m tired of being seen as the pretty innocent girl. I want to bring a “sexy” side out These simplistic labels serve no purpose. You will have to see how you appear in photographs.

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Being prepared to spend some kind of money whether on shoots or that workshop. Either way I want some nice photos! Hehe. I’ve done little modeling for some shoots but barely any experience. Thanks everyone! Got nothing to lose. I still want to tighten up the body more so not any time soon yet. Thanks for the support.

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I’ve always done modeling part time. For a time I was a lingerie model. I see nothing wrong with it. Recently at 49 I was taken on by an American company as a model on their books. I think it is fun, hard work and liberating. Have fun, enjoy it and make some bucks on the side is my advice.

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Oh yeah, if interested in checking out my photographs I took as a hobby here is the side

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LInk does not work. (Side?)

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I wouldn’t necessarily bank on it as your only source of money or career, but if you enjoy it and it isn’t too taxing on your time or relationships, than why not?

You mentioned your bf is the jealous type, keep in mind that pending the type of modeling you do you may end up being nude on set, even if the photos end up not being nudes at print or what have you.

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Like @Judi said, it sounds like you already know the answer. Give it a try. You will either love it or loathe it, and it won’t generate regrets down the road for not giving it a go. Even if you decide that it’s not for you, the $200 investment may also pay off in additional photography tips, should you prefer to be on that side of the camera.

Please let us know what you decide to do.

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@Tedd, of course I wouldn’t bank on it as a source of money or career! lol I’m smarter than that ;) and more realistic about it.

@Pied Pfeffer, I think I already mentioned above what I will do. I’m not planning on taking up any shoots until I reach my goal body. I’ve been hitting weights and eating at a surplus to build some muscle in my legs. Jaime Koeppe’s body is my inspiration because I love her lower body parts but not so much on the arms.She has the right amount of muscle She’s the girl with the softer appearance in the beginning and throughout. Not the girl with low body fat.

I just want to be the most fit I can be and then take pics as a memory for the hard work I’ve done.. We’ll see from there within time if I shall pursue it or not.

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There are “types” of models that companies are looking for. “Innocent and fresh” is a type. Let the people who hire you decide what look they are after. You’re already too short to be a fashion model, but you may be exactly what someone is looking for in print.
I think you’ll always regret it if you don’t try.

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Most glamor, car, print models are short lol which is what fits my physique. I am tired of the innocent fresh look that I have. I want to try a different side :P Thanks, Sunny.

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Cool camera. I’m just not crazy about some of your angles and centering (Flickr).

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I think modeling is in an experimental time right now. Albert Einstein had many intuitions. He jotted his ideas down and tested them out and came to conclusions. I see no reason why you can’t apply your idea and make it a reality. Just remember! Hard work and diligence! Nothing great ever comes easy. Ever.

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Mama_Cakes, I’m not a real photographer..never claimed to be one! I just like taking random photos of things I like lol which may explain the composition. I love looking at photography.

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I think it’s a vain industry but hey, I did it for a bit when I was young, it’s fun. Just keep in mind it’s just for kicks, don’t take it too seriously and don’t waste that education, looks fade.

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@chelle21689 Young and innocent doesn’t last that long. If you can get jobs with it, use it, don’t knock it.

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I agree with @Sunny2 I am not skinny, nor fit looking, I have been, about four years ago was quite muscular. I am curvacious, and got more jobs that way. But like @Sunny2 said each place knows what they are looking for you know. So you either make the cut or not, no big deal, just move on to another.

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@chelle21689: The second link you list takes me to the same photostream as the first. I see no photos of you.

I find the youtube videos both silly and narcissistic.

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Yeah, most of the girls seem vain on the Facebook and look good all the time. I don’t know if I can keep up that pressure because I like to be plain most days and find it tiring to look pretty.

I honestly think it’s just a phase of my mind. I went to the gym today and thought about it…I’d like to do it but not seriously. We’ll see how I feel in the next several months. Being online the majority of the day makes me think these things because I’m exposed to a lot of pretty young girls my age, guys liking models, and all this stuff. If anything I’d rather be seen for something more than just a sex object. Like fitness is sexy and more admirable than just being plain sexy if that makes any sense. I still have a lot of thinking to do. lol My young mind changes quite easily.

She is probably narcissistic but she’s a fitness model. I like her body! lol I honestly don’t think I fit in with those type of girls that think they’re the shiz.

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