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Can you suggest a name for teachers' guidelines on start of school term?

Asked by Yeahright (2749points) September 28th, 2012

I am preparing a CD with guidelines and other relevant info for teachers to use at the start of the school term. I am designing the CD cover and a printed version, as well as a PPT slide-show and wanted a good title other than the obvious.

Any suggestions?

All ideas/comments are greatly appreciated.

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In this situation, the obvious might be the best..

This is not a creative or artistic project but one with gravitas.

I was a teacher for many years and appreciated straightforward, clear and terse information.

There is enough paperwork and other clutter in a teacher’s life; help him or her streamline. Keep it simple.

Generic High School; 2012–2013

Teacher guidelines and other startup information

Guidelines for what? Academics, discipline, admin. stuff? Grade-specific?

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Right This Way
Way to Go
Any Questions?
On the Right Track
New Stuff and Reminders
The Old and the New
Read All about It

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@gailcalled Mostly Admin stuff, materials and suggested formats.

As the main title of the package/publication/presentation I will go with one of @Sunny2 great suggestions then in the subtitle I will be more specific as in @gailcalled Teacher guidelines and other startup information Thank you both.

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Field Manual for Educational Operatives – Guidelines for Interaction with Captive Enemy Personnel – Rev. 09–12

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@ragingloli LOL right. That’s exactly what I was looking for :D

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Oh, please don’t make it sound like us vs. them. Assume that a student will see it. Better stick to the literal, as @gailcalled suggested, and not try to make it funny at anyone’s expense.

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Field Guide to Avoid the Principal’s Office

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