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I think I have some sort of exercise/ eating disorder. Help?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) September 30th, 2012

It’s not the typical eating disorder that you are probably thinking of right now. I have this problem with eating when I’m bored. I know that doesn’t sound so terrible, but I eat A LOT when I’m bored, and I can’t stop! For example, here’s a list of what I ate in the last fifteen minutes: A king sized box of junior mints, a king sized almond joy, three ice cream sandwiches, and an entire Costco container of tomatoes. No matter how hard I try to stop eating I just don’t have the self control!
Now onto part two of my problem. I’ve always been really nervous about getting fat. I don’t have lots of curves or a great face, so all I really have is my athletic body, and I’m really scared to lose that. So with all the eating I’ve been doing, I exercise way more than I used to. I’m talking WAY more. This is my typical exercise after pigging out: Go for a two hour lap swim, then promptly go for a six mile run. After that, I usually go to the gym and do some weight training.
I’m just getting so tired all the time from all the exercise. And I don’t know what to do because my life is just one big jumble of eating and exercising. I don’t have time for friends or anything and I’m so stressed. AND I CAN’T STOP THE CYCLE, no matter how hard I try, without having some sort of panic attack! What should I do!

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Why not make time for friends? If you’re with friends, you won’t over eat. If you don’t over eat you won’t feel like you have to excersize as much. :)

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You need some professional help. Consider getting a therapist who specializes in body image and eating disorders.

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It does sound like you are binging and purging. Good for you for wanting to stop the cycle and be good to your body. Can you see a therapist?

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I third the vote for seeing a therapist. I am also surprised you can get anything done in your life with all that eating and exercising. I’m not sure how old you are but if you are too young to organise this yourself, speak to your parents about what is happening. If you are old enough to deal with this, speak to your doctor. You took the first step. You recognised there is a problem here. Now you have to find people to help you find the best solution for you.

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Food issues are very difficult to work with. This does sound like a particularly thorny problem. It would be nice if you had help. You’d need a therapist who specializes in food issues.

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It sounds like you might have OCD coupled with generalized anxiety issues, mixed with a distorted body image. You should first talk with your primary care physician and have him/her refer you to a therapist(s) that deals with one of all of these problems. You may need to see more than one therapist and they will likely want to give you talk therapy and probably meds.

Here is some info about finding The Right Therapist

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You have asked similar questions in the past (such as this one from June of 2011:

I am sad that you have not been able to break the cycle, which sound as though it is accelerating and becoming more severe.

The advice is the same.

Get a therapist to help you get started somewhere. You are aware of having problems, which is the first step.. You now need to find solutions.

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Is a therapist an option? Do you have insurance? Are you or a relative the insured?

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I don’t know how to get a therapist. I’m still young enough to be living with my parents, so I just don’t know what to do!

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I recall, from earlier questions, that you have also had problems with your mother, who was overly critical and not very supportive.

Are you still in school? If so, talk to one of the counsellor’s. He or she will keep your concerns confidential and may have some suggestions.

If you are still a minor, you cannot solve these issues in a vacuum, I am sorry to say. There is a complex family dynamic that is contributing. Is your mother or father able to notice your problems?

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@gailcalled I don’t really think they notice what’s going on. And I don’t know how to tell them. It’s not for lack of attention or anything, but I’ve just been very distant from my parents lately.

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@15barcam: Can you write them a letter? We’re talking about serious issues here.

Are you still in high school?

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You are bulimic in my opinion. Binge and purge, but your purge is over-exercise, not throwing up. You are basically showing addictive behaviors.

I would say a very large percentage of Americans overeat because of boredom or unhappiness, trying to avoid dealing with dissappointments and difficulties in their life, but yours is to an extreme that is very bad for your health.

While you figure out how to get a therapist, also look into pursuing an interest. Art class, dance class, get a job if you are old enough.

I really think you should tell your parents how out of control you feel regarding food. Let them help you.

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@gailcalled‘s idea of writing your parents a letter is a really good idea @15barcam. Sometimes it can be hard to say things we need to say outloud. You need to let your parents know what is happening to you. If they can’t, won’t help, speak to someone at school. Sharing with us is a brave step.

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Please, please let your parents know what is going on. You really need their assistance in getting the help you need (a therapist). You may want to talk to your school counselor first, to get some tips on how to proceed. We wish you the best of luck.

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Please give us an update when you can, @15barcam. I hope you are well.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the help they gave on this subject! I talked to my parents and have been seeing a therapist and I’m getting much better!

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Thanks for the update, @15barcam. So glad you’re doing well!

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That is really wonderful news @15barcam. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you spoke to your parents. I hope you will keep talking to us here and keep feeling better!

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