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Best Mathematical Date?

Asked by lolatu2 (17points) October 3rd, 2012

Guy A is planning to propose to Girl B this year. As a matter of principle, Guy A has chosen mathematically significant dates to plan momentous events. Based on years of interaction with Girl B, Guy A has ascertained that Girl B would wish to celebrate with family and friends once she (hopefully) says ‘yes’ to the proposal. Unfortunately, an important family member will be out of town until end of October and Guy A and Girl B will be traveling starting on 11/10/12. After Guy A and Girl B return from their trip, it may be too close to holiday season to uniquely celebrate an engagement. Trying to balance mathematical elegance with catering to the desires of Girl B, please recommend the best date, in the range 11/1/12–11/10/12, for the proposal to take place.

(This is for a friend… Looking for something along the lines of 11/11/11 is the last binary date but needs to be within provided date range.)

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I’m partial to 11/2/12 or, if you write it y/m/d, 12/11/10. Sorry, no deep math behind it just like it. All of this makes me wonder if 11 / 2 / 35 will see a lot of math wonk weddings.

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and d/m/y 21112 is nice. damn slow brain missed the editing window

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You could go with numbers that are numerologically significant. For example, the Mayan “doomsday” date, 12/21/2012 has a numerological value of 11, which, according to this website, has the following meaning:
In Numerology 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer.

Proponents of numerology sometimes suggest finding a date with a desired numerological significance.

—One of the most memorable date/time combinations occurred while I was in college. it was 12:34 on 5/6/78. A similar date/time occurred on 23:45 on 6/7/89.

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I think he can propose any time from now through 11/10. Is the celebration you refer to going to be a like an engagement party type thing? Even if done on a small scale, I think better to give a couple weeks to pull it together, and make sure everyone is available on the date. Or, does the whole family know before the bride to be?

But, if you are going to keep it with the dates you provided in the Q, than I think 11/10/12 looks good from a number visual standpoint. Although, 10/11/12 is pretty cool too. The 3,4 and 10 are weekend days, does that matter at all? How is he going to propose? At dinner? At home? During a date?

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Propose in the UK, then your 11/10/12 would actually be 10/11/12 :-)

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@harple Actually, in pretty much most of the world it would be. America is one of the few countries that puts the month first.

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Ah, brilliant – they may not need to travel so far then :-)

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