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Have you ever been to the Slanted Door in San Francisco?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 4th, 2008

I hear it’s great.

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What kind of place is it?

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Some type of restaurant.

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Yeah, I’ve been there.

It is a delicious restaurant—very fresh tasting Thai food. I’d recommend it.

It’s hard to get into, though. There can be very long wait, even to get a reservation.
Actually, I have a hilarious story about how my girlfriend finally got us a reservation. After weeks of calling, they were like, “I don’t think you understand, you can’t just stroll in here and get a table.” And my girlfriend—in a moment of genius—replied, “I don’t think you understand. I’m the assistant to the CEO of Fluther dot com. And he wants a table, today.” And on the other line, she heard, “Hold on, let me see what I can do.” And we went that night!!

It was a highlight of my professional career. And a fine restaurant.

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Yes. Delicious. Not Thai, Vietnamese.

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Can I get in for lunch?

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Lunch, probably. Dinner, much more difficult.

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I’ve never had problems getting reservations for dinner… then again I’m usually trying on weekdays and calling 2 weeks in advance.

Super tasty, well worth the advance reservations!

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Right—Vietnamese. Thanks for the correction.

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Ben—that story is badass. Your girl deserves some serious props. I might try that line myself!

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Where in the city is it? Sounds yummy. Let’s all go together!

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Embarcadero, in the Ferry Building.

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