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If you had the backing, what kind of business would you start?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 11th, 2012

I’d start an arts community. It would be somewhere beautiful, and artists, musicians, dancers, actors, dramaturges, writers of all kinds, and also scientists and even business people and people in the psycho-therapeutic community would all come a live together for a month or two at a time.

We’d create work together and separately. We’d do creativity workshops. We’d jam together and present work and perhaps most of all, we’d play. It would be like summer camp for adults, in a way, only year round. It would be an idea generator and a battery recharger.

It would probably be expensive, so one goal would be to build an endowment that could support scholarships for people who could not afford to come. I would also want to have promising people who perhaps were not yet artists, but who were creative, anyway.

It would be wonderful to be around such people and such creative energy all the time, I think.

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I would either have some kind of an animal shelter (or a big piece of property where strays could come live) or do something with retailing crafts (mine and others).

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I would start an employment service for former convicts and other difficult to place workers.

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I always dreamed of a smokeshop. Humidors, cigars, leather furniture, a wine rack, coffee.
Realistically, though? A bakery.

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An organic fiber farm.

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A book shop that sold cake, coffee and chocolate. Where you could sit and read and enjoy a coffee in a lovely setting. Perhaps by the sea or in a garden. With guest speakers, reading clubs, writer’s groups and other community events. Perhaps story tellers for both children and adults as another member was discussing not so long ago. It would also have Wi-Fi so you could download books to your Kindle or the like too.

It won’t ever happen though and I am not sure it would even be successful. Just a little fantasy.

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@Bellatrix that sounds gorgeous.

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Following this thread because my partner and I are hoping to start up a business. We’re working out the details now.

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Survey says . . .

Brothel/whorehouse is the number one answer! Blondes steal the round!

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Some kind of revolving loan fund for college eductions for anyone that wanted to apply.

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Oh, @Bellatrix I have always dreamed of owning a bookstore like that. There was one in Santa Barbara when I lived there, and I spent many wonderful hours weekly there.

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Well, looks like we should all get together and start a franchise! Digital Blue, Yarnlady and me… what shall we call it? We can have one in each of our cities. It does feel like my sort of ‘dream place’. Glad it is out there somewhere and successful @YARNLADY.

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@Adirondackwannabe So people borrow from it and then pay back for the next person? Is that your idea?

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@JLeslie Yes, pool the money and then anyone could apply for loans. Then as they pay it back, with a small interest charge, it would be available for someone else.

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@Adirondackwannabe Great idea. Has anyone done it? Or, that is your own genius?

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@JLeslie I don’t know if anyone has figured a way to get around the default rates. That’s a bear. But I hate the idea of anyone deserving missing out on an education. I wouldn’t call it genius. More like payback.

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I’ve always wanted to open a really good artisan bread bakery, using stoneground organic flours, I don’t know about other countries (although I imagine Europe has some fabulous bakeries) but NZ is full of “bakeries”, all of them turning out loaves that best resemble cotton wool, there are a handful of really good bakeries selling REAL bread, I’ve always loved baking bread and used to bake bread every day, these days I would have to bake vicariously… maybe I could call the bakery The Vicarious Baker.……

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One that allowed me to drive a Hummer in the back country hauling tourists around to see the sights!

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An architectural salvage business. Salvaging (saving) trim, floors, doors, windows, fixtures, hardware, etc. from old houses and other old buildings, and reselling them.
I have seen way to many lovely and valuable buildings and their wonderful history filled bits be hauled away to landfills.

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Perfect timing @Wilma. I’d be interested in starting a business that does residential renovation work with sustainable products. Want to renovate a room in your house? Call on me, and I’ll use products that Wilma has recovered and are stored in the warehouse from her salvage business.

Another idea that gets batted around occasionally is estate sales. “Auntie Ann” passed away, lives far away and you need someone to handle going through her belongings. It would be a matter of researching the value of objects and recommending what can be recycled, given away or sold.

Here’s a third idea: Establish a business in a seasonal beach area with home owners that rent it out. During the off-season, move into each house for a short period of time to work on deep cleaning, repair and replacement of anything in need.

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