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Can a person be fat and muscular?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

most people associate muscle with physically fit bodies, but can someone who is overweight also be physically fit “underneath?”

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heck yes! sumo wrestlers are soppose to be really fat and really strong.

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NFL linemen.

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Strong?... yes, muscular?...I don’t know

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Ever hear of Butterbean?

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yes! NFL players come to mind

so do cops

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does “muscular” mean you can see their muscular structure? or that it’s in there somewhere?

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You can have very big muscles which have a layer of fat over them. For instance, even people with a large gut have a six-pack- it’s just underneath their layer of stomach fat. So, yes, there are plenty of people who are very strong and muscular and yet are overweight at the same time.

I saw plenty of them on construction crews when I worked with a friend of mine for a summer.

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Think about the fattest person you have ever seen. They’re pretty huge, aren’t they? Now think about how much strength it must take for them to carry around all that weight. Fat people actually tend to have a LOT of muscle underneath all the fat.

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Henry Knox was a bit chubby but he was still fit. In the war when the troops would march, he wouldn’t be on a horse, he’d be marching on foot along with the rest of them.

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