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1st year anniversary coming up in a month, what would be an original and romantic thing to surprise my wife with?

Asked by wingsoffire (31points) July 1st, 2007

Can be a one evening, one day, or maximum of three days activity.

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Well if she likes surprises, you could take her out on a surprise weekend to somewhere she keeps talking about wanting to see, with a nice hotel and romantic dinners included. Or you could just lock yourselves in the room and the rest is up to your imagination. Women like a bit of romance, even if they don't admit it, as long as its felt and its natural, not acted on. A simple I love you sometimes is more than enough. Do something you both will enjoy.

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Tell us a little more about your wife - what her interests and hobbies are.

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not saying you shouldn't ask this, but man, this is sad. you are the only expert on this one. have some confidence in your own intuition. you have the perfect answer.

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Regardless of what sweet thing you come up with, remember to bring flowers.

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take an adventure: boat, car, bike, hot air balloon. get out of town and spend some time away from life craziness alone together.

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I know someone who could write and record a song about her or about the two of you. Then you could play it as you slow dance on your anniversary!

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You don't need OUR "original" ideas!!! She married you! She likes your thinking!
Flowers are a good idea though (a big bunch of one kind is classier than a mixed bouquet unless you get them somewhere really fancy).

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