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How do I tranfer pictures and videos from an LG 500 cell phone to a lap top?

Asked by woodcutter (16284points) October 21st, 2012

This is a new phone and the book that came with it just seems to barely cover basic use. I have a Samsung and I can do this via a cord that has a UHB end and a smaller plug end that goes in the phone and the pics just import to Picassa quickly. I see no way to do this with the LG and I don’t want to burn up minutes sending each pic and video by messaging. Can it even be done? I’m not a geek of any sort so please make it so a layman can understand. I do have a sandisk memory card in the phone so all media goes straight there and saved.

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Get a card reader (they’re not expensive) and the card reader will plug into your computer. Then you can pull the memory card from the phone, use the card reader to down load from the card.

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Try a memory card reader, plug it into the laptops USB drive and you should be all set. Be sure that if you need a USB 3.0 interface that it’s also compatible with USB 2.0. You may need to review your Samsung to see which USB drive you have. I have one of each on my Dell XPS, so you may have the same config.

Also, your new phone should have had a data cable. Connect the phone to your PC and it should download software to your computer, such as PC Sync, to allow for data exchange between your PC and the phone. This link gives you access to a users manual for the LG 500 with instructions on this:

This link offers access to software updates/drivers and lets you download the LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL that will help you with instructions on software upgrades for your phone:

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Do your phone and your computer have Bluetooth? That’s how I’ve always transferred photos from my phones. No cable needed.

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Ok there’s some good looking things I’m going to look into now. I meant “USB” not UHB. whoops. See what I mean? I’m not sure what all the Samsung phone has to make it work. I go to settings, then there I scroll down to pc connection which has 2 options one of which is USB mass storage. I connect the cable between the two and the screen jumps to the pc connected display. Then wifey hits import in Picassa and booyah, all the pics start coming in. The LG won’t work that way. I might mention that the Samsung cost 100 bucks and the LG was 30 bucks (on sale for 20) but it seems that the cheaper phone has as many if not more than the costlier one, like video recorder, which I like. The Samsung is quite a bit heavier too but I’m not sure why, other than it may be an older phone design. Thanks guys

Its an LG 500g. not sure if that makes a big difference. It’s a tracfone

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The easiest thing to do is just text it to your email.

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@DWW25921 Yeah I can do that but I won’t mess with it if I have tons of pics or vids one at a time. It would eat up my minutes quick. Definitely falls into the L. I. T. S. column. I had a cheapo video cam that I lost in the rocks when hiking that would transfer pics and vids with just a cable to the laptop like my Samsung phone and that worked well so I falsely assumed that was a good enough method for all devises to have. It sure would have tickled me anyway.

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@woodcutter This is totally cheating. Go into the store where you get your service and ask them to do it. If you talk about how wonderful the company is and you’re thinking about upgrading and telling your friends… They’ll do it. They have a little transfer machine. Give it a try! :)

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@DWW25921 I got the phone at a Family Dollar store. I’m not even going to bother them about this but it would be nice if employees did know their products they sell. I haven’t thought much about this since posting the question because I’ve been busy but as soon as I get the time I plan on hunting around online for the answer. There has to be a way. I can’t imagine it is all that hard but then again my head will not wrap itself around tech stuff.

Nope, it just won’t do it.

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@woodcutter “would be nice if employees did know their products they sell” I know right? There ya go bringing logic into a corporate setting… (Sigh) I feel your pain. Another option would be getting a mini card for it and transferring the files maybe? I don’t know. It’s a bummer. I like the tractor by the way. Looks like mid to late 40’s. Beasty. :)

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The mini memory card is inside the phone, I mean way inside. Like, to get to it we need to get the back of the phone off, take out the battery, then lift up a really fragile looking keeper and slide the card out and put the card inside the adapter so it can be used to view pics or make paper copies. Gotta be a better way. But this phone was 20 bucks ,30 bucks when not on sale, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

I took a pic of that tractor on one of our walks in a now forgotten amusement park near our home. It is a “Case” tractor with shredded tires and other damage making it a giant paper weight. Or… possibly a macabre self portrait .

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Well I like it! It’s got a rustic quality to it. Anyway, I’m out of material…

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The best and easy opion is to try and transfer your photos through memory card reader to your
laptop. It hardly take few seconds.May be your laptop has in built memory card reader which solves your problem to a greater extent

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