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What is the weirdest animation you've seen?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) October 22nd, 2012

Animated Short or Feature-Length Cartoon, what is the weirdest, oddest animation you’ve ever seen?

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It would take me a long time to really answer this because I’d have to really think of all of the things I’ve seen, but I did recently see an short animation that was quite morbid and definitely what most people would consider “weird,” I love it, though.

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Anything by Cyriak

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Each year here at Texas A&M the students from the Visualization deparment put on a show called “Vis-A_Gogo” for the public that highlights the work that they have done over they year. It always has some of the most cutting edge shorts and animations that you will see anywhere.

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Aeon Flux. If you didn’t know the back story it would make no sense and even if you did, still very weird. Almost no dialogue in the episodes.

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It is a toss up between Salad Fingers and Toast Boy, that stuff is weird enough to give a seasoned soldier life ruining nightmares.

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Anything in the Salad Fingers series.

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A brain humping another brain, The artist, (you) called it a mind fuck.

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