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How do I make this costume veil?

Asked by DigitalBlue (7072points) October 23rd, 2012
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That looks like regular gauze just ripped in a few places.
She’s so creepy she’s hot.

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It looks like loosely woven gauze. I think you could get some and then tear the holes in it. Here is a picture.

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It’s not stiff? It looked stiff in the pic, I thought maybe… Elmer’s glue, or something comparable.
Where do I get gauze like that?

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Any drug store would have it. It’s just one sheet of the bandage stuff. Maybe a bigger bandage than usual.

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It looks like cheese cloth to me or tack cloth. Check it out at your local hardware store. Since the material is sticky it will stay in place. Dust one side with baby powder so it stays white and is not the touch.
Obviously I’m guessing but that’s what I’d try.

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@LuckyGuy I thought it was cheesecloth, too. My mom said gauze, as well, but I am attempting to pull apart a roll of gauze that I have on hand… and it’s not happening so smoothly.
I guess any would work.

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It looks like cheese cloth. Maybe spray it with some hair spray.

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@DigitalBlue You could put Elmer’s Glue on it after you had it torn and shaped the way that you want. It would dry clear and hold the shape.

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I had to run out and get some office supplies so I checked the gauze. The biggest size was 4“X4”. I guessing that is a single sheet of cheese cloth. The hair spray idea sounds good.
(Anyone else find her totally hot, or am I just disturbed?)

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I didn’t find her very hot, but I don’t think you’re disturbed. Just a guy.

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Spray the cheesecloth with spray starch

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@LuckyGuy is right. It looks like cheesecloth for sure. You can even find it in the grocery store this time of year. Lots of people use it at Thanksgiving time. Hairspray is a good idea but if you want it even stiffer you can use a craft product like this or like this

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