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If you think fluther is taking over your life, are you resisting or capitulating?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) October 23rd, 2012

Do you ever count the number of your answers during a 24-hour period? Are you shocked, surprised, horrified? Are you considering counseling, living in a monastery, or having your S/O tie you to the mast? Do you go into shock when the power goes out?

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It feels more like capitulation with a gentle retreat, as of late. No therapists or monks, please.

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What about a monk who is also a therapist?

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Only if he’s attractive and he has chocolate. And rum.

Coloma's avatar, it is what it is. I usually do a split shift on fluther, mornings and evenings. Hey, under employed country girls have a lot of time on their hands, that could change again at any time, sooo, ride the wave until it breaks. ;-)

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I agree—ride the wave. My time on Fluther waxes and wanes—I don’t resist when I can get on-site!

It correlates with the length of my to-do list and the intensity of my desire to procrastinate completing the tasks on the said list. :D

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I’m a habitual waner (to say nothing of the fact that I’ve never been terribly active here—I read far, far more than I post). At present, my life is taking over my time on Fluther ;-) No monks, therapists or SO’s need mount an intervention.

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Hmm. I’ve heard of trappist monks, but never therapist monks…

@WillWorkForChocolate Perhaps not chocolate and rum, but would you settle for cheese and wine?

I often use Fluther as a form of procrastination. If I’m here… chances are I’m already feeling guilty about not being somewhere else. But I’m a grown up, and I am capable of saying “no”, and also of handling the consequences of misspending my time.

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I have long ago gone down for the count.

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Fluther isn’t taking over my life…I’m taking Fluther over!

No joke.

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@picante NO!!! Keep being addicted to it! I never made it to 10k and it’s been Yeeeears!!

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There was an unhappy period in my life a few years ago when Fluther did seem my addiction but fortunately right now, I have gotten “a life” and am just a recreational user.

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I have not made a charity project for over three years. The birthday present I started for my granddaughter two years ago sits unfinished in it’s bag. I now buy all my greeting cards, since I have stopped making them.

I tried cutting back on my fluthering, but it didn’t help. I now spend all my time on wikipedia, my blog, a contest site, and various other Q & A sites.

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Count? no. I’m allergic to numbers, and thus am fully capable of denying exactly how much time I spend here. I even delete my internet history four times a day. ^_^

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I am the great rock that the frothy surf of Fluther breaks upon.

does gentle erosion count as capitulation?

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No, but it may lead to decapitation.

Corollary; Have you ever been so tenacious that you answered 20 of the 40 responses yourself, and had to restrain your hands from having yet another last word?

I, at least, can blame some of this behavior on Milo. (He is forcing my fingers to move this minute, as an example.

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No. My drive to be here is casual, at best.

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I enjoy it because I learn a lot here, addicted? No, I am addicted to other internet offerings!

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The original question deliberately does not contain the word “addicted.”

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…But, I did sneak it in as a tag.

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@gailcalled You certainly implied it?

Are you considering counseling, living in a monastery, or having your S/O tie you to the mast? Do you go into shock when the power goes out?

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Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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The image of Milo tying @gailcalled to the mast is one that will amuse me for hours!

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@janbb:A little harder now that I snipped yet another two nails this morning. He is left with only thumbnails as lethal weapons. He did repay me by throwing up on a Persian carpet. Tit for tat, I guess….or kit for cat?

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I’d call it Persian pussy puke myself.

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A mini-puke since I caught him mid-heave and tossed him outside.

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Must have done much for his feline temper although I now remember how fast i could get cocker out of the house.

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I hardly answer anymore.

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@Mama_Cakes: What about asking questions?

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Yes. They’re mostly pet ones.

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^^^ Not the last three, including the most recent interesting one about plans before death.

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^^One of my plans is to cut Milo’s thumb nails. I can probably think of a few more, but that’s at the top, now that i have mastered the other eight.

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Perhaps, one day, My partner and I will make our way to your neck of the woods and have a visit with you and Sir Milo.

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Please make that your first priority. I’ll provide the gauntlets.

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I’m far less verbose on here than when I both was desperately lonely and had loads of free time over the summer. Now I’m just desperately lonely and have loads of history to do.

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@bookish1 Me too – except about the history work!

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To be honest, there is one person on here who is on daily and she rubs me the wrong way. Makes me want to use the site less and less.

I don’t think that I’ve ever known anyone who likes talking about themselves more than this person.

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