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What movies are out there that are really worth seeing in the big screen?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) October 23rd, 2012

I have been absent when it comes to watching movies in a theatre. Since the year started, I’ve been mostly waiting for Blu-Ray releases of movies. Any movie you think is worth going to the big screen these days?

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Avengers if you could find it. It had amazing special effects.

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“Avatar” was spectacular on the big screen. The incidental details were incredible.

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Prometheus was the last big screen movie I have seen.

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I like to see the IMAX releases of movies for the effects… within the past year we’ve seen the Harry Potter finale, TinTin, MI:4, the Avengers, and Batman in IMAX – among others.

As for current movies, we really enjoyed The Master. I’m highly anticipating the new Les Miserables movie, too… it looks wonderful.

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Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Anna Karenina

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@Earthgirl : The handheld cameras in “Beasts..” made me seasick. I left at the halfway mark as I think I have already mentioned).

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Yeah I’m with you…haven’t been to the theater in ages. In fact I don’t remember the last movie I saw there…I’m sure plenty of movies are worth it, but let me know if you find one that is. XD

I’m thinking some kind of cartoon or CG movie might be cool, but I’m not aware of any right now that are out. Frankenweenie would probably be pretty cool to see.

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Yeah, the family & I are off to see Frankenweenie & Madagascar 3 next week, half-term & all that.
I look forward to watching Django Unchained when it’s out, not on it’s release date though, xmas day…what the fuck!?!

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@gailcalled The handheld camera effect does that to some people, I know. Avatar 3D was a whole lot worse as far as that goes. But after a while I got used to it. I loved the flying scenes!

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I forgot Lincoln by Spielberg

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Like @marinelife said, the Avengers were great on a big screen,
also Spiderman-especially in 3D,
Moonrise Kingdom, because it is made to look like the fifties and the detail is so nice and retro,
the new Sherlock Holmes, of course, because the scenery is amazing,
Hope Springs, because the emotion comes across best on a big screen,
all the Harry Potters,
and, eagerly awaited but not out yet, I think The Hobbit will be great on a big screen, partly because it is filmed in New Zealand and they have a breathtaking nature out there!

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We’re also intrigued by Cloud Atlas, which comes out this weekend
Argo looks good, but I think I can wait and watch that at home
I forgot Lincoln by Spielberg, too; and am very much looking forward to The Hobbit

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Hotel Transylvania was a cute, funny film. I think it is still in theaters. I believe the last film I saw in a theater was Hop. I try to do my research to make sure the film will be enjoyable since we can’t afford to go that often.

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