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Traditional publicity vs. Content Marketing: What works best?

Asked by domineek101 (41points) October 24th, 2012

Hey guys! Just curious about a few things. Does traditional publicity still work? What could be the benefits of traditional publicity? What are the positive points of content marketing?

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They work best in combination today. Traditional publicity is like free advertising. It is priceless and still gets a lot of eyeballs.

But the Web is super fast at spreading the word.

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@marinelife I totally get your point. It does work better when combined. What do can you say about this Picture?
What works and what doesn’t?

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@domineek101 It seems a little bit skewed in its presentation.

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@marinelife what are the things you agree on when it comes to the flaw of traditional publicity? In your opinion, what are the flaws of content marketing?

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Yeah, maybe one in ten thousand. The rest have no readers and won’t help you.

There are very few content marketing sites that will help you. You better have one when a customer comes looking for information, but it’s not going to drive customers to your site, nor to the blog. Google does that. And I have no idea how you control Google.

Nope. You are going to have to rely on what you call traditional marketing unless you have a killer site, and there are only five hundred killer sites in all of humanity. Highly unlikely you’ll have one of them.

I made that number up, but you get the idea—it’s limited.

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@wundayatta among the traditional publicity ideas, which one do you think is the most effective?
What do you look for in a blog? How would you consider it as a “killer” blog?

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Sorry, @domineek101. I looked at it once. That’s all I’m going to do.

A killer blog would suit my interests to a T. It would have highly reputable information. It would be well written. Succinct. And it would welcome my participation and make me feel like I was part of something important.

A product is not going to do that. Even if I were taking Seroquel, I wouldn’t be interested in a Seroquel blog unless it was willing to highlight stories that reflected badly on Seroquel as much as the good stories. What product is ever going to be even that way? That would be suicide.

I read some political blogs. I have read mental illness blogs, but not for long because none were any good.

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@wundayatta i’d love to hear your insights on this blog. What do you think it lacks and what’s the blog’s strengths?

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That’s fluther, not a blog.

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@wundayatta I linked the word blog to the site URL….I wasn’t referring to this particular conversation or site.

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