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Has anyone used Moo to create their mini business cards?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 30th, 2008

Is Moo better than traditional ones in any way? Other (better) options? Notem, I do fine arts photography.

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i ordered a pack of 25 moo cards with my professional info. They are awfully overpriced but they let you have a lot of control in designing your card

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I have a set as well; they’re nice to hand out to people you meet that you may not necessarily want to do business with, but as more of a social exchange. The person gets to take a bit of your art with them.

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MOO cards are not the standard business card size, but the printing is apparently of high quality and the colors are much more vibrant than you’d get from traditional business card printing or embossing. Probably a good choice for an art photographer.

(I’d originally posted that my friend tried them but I remembered that story incorrectly. Oops.)

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@jaredg: That isn’t really true. You can get comparable quality from any other good litho or digital printer, and the only weigh up should be how large a run you’re looking for.

@mirza: If you’re only needing 50 cards, then printing with MOO is much much much cheaper than a minimum run elsewhere.

@Megan64: I do love the fact that unlike most printers, you can easily have a large variety of cards.

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BTW. They just launched their Business Card offering today and you can get them in either the standard paper or eco-friendly 100% recycled paper. I’ll be ordering a box of the recycled paper business cards for my blog and let you all know about quality, etc


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I wanted to post an update on the Moo Green Business Cards I ordered a week ago. The results are absolutely stunning and amazing. I’d highly recommend them if you need business cards made. I can’t wait to try out their other great products that they sell.


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I am an entrepreneur and blogger, and I have several companies with different names. So I had some trouble thinking of what I should do with just my name. I got a moo minicard at a conference once, and it stuck out. That’s what a business card should do. I ordered 7 premade minicards packs (100) and I love them! People remember them, and they get noticed.

And if you are a photographer – 100% yes! Get them!

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I first ordered cards from Moo last year. I’ll never go back.

1) People love them. They’re a conversation starter.

2) Yeah they’re a bit pricier, but so what? If you’re trying to save a few scant dollars on something as important as business cards, you need to re-evaluate your spending. Think about it. Let’s say Moo cards cost about $10 more than standard size cards. Pack lunch for two days, and you’ve broken even. The cards will outlast your lunch.

3) One disadvantage is that there is no proofing step when ordering. So you can’t see the color of the physical printed cards before committing to the print job. Not a big deal for photographic images, but noticeable on some logos.

4) Get the little plastic biz card holder for $5. It fits nicely in your pocket. You can operate it with one hand, which leaves your other hand free to hold your drink.

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