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Your first date?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) October 25th, 2012

One thing I’ve learned here on Fluther is that people have fascinating stories when it comes to sharing certain aspects of their life. They’re unexpected. It feels amazing to be communicating with someone who’s had something interesting happen to them..

So do you still remember your first date? Did anything interesting/embarrassing happen? How did it go overall? Are you still together perhaps? Was it completely normal? Disastrous?

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I always felt awkward on dates. My first real date was when a guy that I had worked with at a summer camp after high school called and asked me out to a nightclub over Christmas break from college.

I remember I wore a green velvet dress and everything showed up on it under the black lights in the club. I was totally humiliated. He was very good looking, and I felt like we didn’t have anything to talk about.

I remember the giant tie-dyed parachute at the back of the stage. It was 1969.

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I was 13 and had a major crush on the guy that drove the ice cream truck around my neighborhood. lol
This was about 1972 and he was probably 17 or 18.
He thought I was older I’m pretty sure.
We made plans to meet and to take me riding around with him one day.

I dressed up in my coolest Marcia Brady miniskirt and psychedelic suede patchwork shoes. haha
It was a great date, until he french kissed me and scared the shit out of me.
I’m pretty sure I melted his missile pop when I bolted from the wagon and ran away home. lol

Later, when he learned I was only 13 the poor guy would never look at me again!

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I don’t do dates, my dates do me xD

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Patty in fourth grade, we walked to the movie theater for a Saturday matinee. That was way long time ago.It was 1955. Excitement we shared a box of Milk Duds.

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@Tropical_Willie LOL..Milk Duds…oh memories. One of the oldest candies out there.
Milk Duds turn 60! haha

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My first date was pure vanilla and I got my first kiss. I was 15 and took her to a local fair. I did miss one opportunity. We had pizza and she spilled a little sauce on her blouse on her right breast. Now I’d offer to clean that up for her.:)

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The first date I went on, when all parties involved were aware it was a date (Uh, hi… I thought a bunch of us were meeting here. Where is everyone, and why do you have flowers?) was the first time my husband and I went out together. We went to the Renaissance Festival and cheered on the Black Knight, and the Evil side of Human Combat Chess, shared the profiles of our former D&D characters, I showed off my mad-awesome archery skills, and afterward I introduced him to Panera Bread. All in all, a fantastic day, and we still go to Rennie every year.

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My first date was still one of my best. I had been burning after this girl for a year and writing poetry about her. Didn’t think there was any chance with her because she was with someone, and I didn’t think she swang my way. I had just decided to give up on that dream and then just two or three days later, found out from a mutual friend that she had broken up with that person and did indeed swing my way, and was interested in me! She came into my class to take a make-up exam and dropped a note on my desk with her phone number as she passed by! O_O I called her and asked her “to the movies,” which means your parents drop you off and expect that you’ll go see a movie… but you don’t. We walked to the beach. As we were going over the bridge to the beach, I asked if I could hold her hand. Then on the beach, under a full moon, we kissed. It was my first kiss, I was 14, and it was with someone I loved. I was very lucky.

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6th grade. Richie M. asked me to go to the movies on a Sunday. I wasn’t allowed to go to a movie on a Sunday. Then he asked me to come to a birthday party. On a Sunday. That was allowed. When I got there, I was the only guest and we went to the movies. He bought candy, pop corn and soda. I was impressed and rather flabbergasted. He was just one of the guys I sat in an apple tree with and smoked corn silk cigarettes made with binder paper, until I decided I really didn’t much like eating green apples and smoking. I just stopped going.
Did it last? It never got started. I was 12.

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I was a late bloomer. I didn’t do anything at all with a guy until I was 17. His name was Jesse and we, embarrassingly enough, met on MySpace back when that was still cool. We talked for awhile, we met, and he eventually asked me out on a date. He picked me up in his Mustang, met my parents, took me to meet his, then took me to dinner and a movie. I remember him holding my hand at the theater and I was scared my palms were sweaty. On the way home, he took me to this ball field (which was vacant -creeper alert), and proceeded to “put the moves on me” I guess. An awkward shoulder massage later, I received my first kiss in his car. I remember thinking I had no clue what I was doing, and I think I even apologized for it. Then he took me home.

He was nice, cute, and a gentleman and it was a nice first date. Nothing really exciting, but a good experience. We dated for a couple of weeks, he went to California to work for the summer, told me he didn’t want to see other people while he was gone, ended up sleeping with some girl that felt the need to message me on MySpace with all the dirty details, he avoided me, and I ended it via MySpace. My teenage heart was broken, I cried for a day or two, and then proceeded to spend the Summer being a little wild before meeting my second boyfriend, who is now my husband.

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We were both 16 and I asked her to an Iron Butterfly concert. I had to find a friend with a car to take us both. This was very late 60’s with psychedelic lights and simple color organ lighting effects and smoke machines de rigueur for concerts. . At one point they played In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and, as the other players slowly sat down on the stage and the lights dimmed the drummer pounded away at the beginning his solo. He managed to get his shirt off and then began the beat in earnest. It went right through us. I can still see his sweat flying as he moved from drum to drum.
We eventually split amicably. I still smile when I think of that concert . I’ll bet she does too.

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Now there’s a concert I wish I had seen. Where did you get the money for the date, @LuckyGuy?

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I had been working at Modell’s Shoppers World, in the camera department so I had money. The concert was at my school and not expensive. That was back in the days when groups did concerts as promotions so people would buy their albums. I still have the album someplace. Here is the drum solo . Turn up the volume. Awesome!

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Notice it’s all us old relics doing the vast majority of sharing? lol

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@Coloma I guess we need to look back at the experience through the lens of time to really appreciate it.

Maybe it is harder today to decide what was the actual first date. Was it when they were first friended? When they first showed up and no one else was around? When the first asked if the other one was free via a text?
Will they look back at their experiences with the same clarity as we do? I can still feel the heat – and that was 40+ years ago. A magic experience. It is what life is all about.

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@Coloma Who you talking ‘bout? ?

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@LuckyGuy Good point.
@Tropical_Willie Haha…well….I can joke about being an older gal now, my vanity is fading fast. ;-)

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@Coloma, @LuckyGuy is right. I don’t really have a first date experience. It is much more confusing and certainly not memorable. Maybe it is simply that I wish my first date upon someone else. But in all truth I can’t convincingly do that either. Perhaps society has changed or me being determined to be unconventional made me put much less emphasis on it.

But I definitely appreciate your stories. So by all means share away.

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Julie Jones.
4th Grade.
We rode our bikes to the IGA grocery store to play the new Centipede machine and finished the afternoon sharing a couple of Pepsis at Sam’s Pizza.

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I was also a “late bloomer” and a closet homo, so nothing happened for me until after high school. In the summer between high school and college, I went on a road trip to San Diego with a close friend that I long suspected was gay for a number of reasons, and magically, while we there in San Diego at another friend’s grandparents’ house, I coaxed him to admit his homosexuality, which he did, and we started a relationship. Which I guess is kind of weird, looking back on it, but I suppose I regarded the fact that we had been friends before as ground enough to begin the relationship before we had actually gone on a date. It was the next day that we spent the day in the city, went to Coronado, spent time at the beach, etc. and that was our actual first date.

It really couldn’t have been better than it was…I still think about those 4 days in July 2009 and run over the events in my head; it may always go down as the most fun I’ve ever had. That summer as a whole, I guess.

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My first date was a guy I met at a party. We slow danced under the blacklights in Ross Myers basement and he asked me out. I was a little amazed by that. I was 15.He was one year older. I was so innocent!!! It was a sort of weird date. (I’ve had a few of those) He was a cross country runner and for our first date I got to hang out with his family while he ran a road race. He was a really good runner on our school’s team. We all waited to see him run by and I think, as I remember, he did well, but didn’t place. Then he had to go shower and clean himself up for our date. He met up with me and we went to the Firemen’s Field days. It was a sort of local carnival they had, which lots of small towns have to raise funds for the volunteer firemen. They had games and rides. Girls used to go to walk around and try to meet guys, but I came with a guy, which was way better. We went on the ferris wheel and then we played some games. I won at 2 of the games and got prizes. He told me, hey! I’m supposed to win you the prize! But he was happy, he didn’t really care.

He drove me home and as we were standing on my front steps awaiting the crucial first kiss, my little sister, excited to see me come home, opened the front door. We felt awkward and didn’t know what to do except say good bye.

It was a good date, yet strangely, he never asked me out again.

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@Earthgirl Awww. That sounds really sweet, and it’s such a bummer that your little sister interrupted your chance at a kiss. Of course, it’s a hell of a lot more zen, this way. But you probably didn’t give a rats ass about zen. You wanted your smooch. I wish you would have gotten it.

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@wundayatta It sounds so sweet, doesn’t it? I think I may have been so nervous about the kiss that I was a little relieved. Maybe if he had gotten his kiss I would have gotten a second date? We did stay on friendly terms and since my art teacher was the cross country coach and the runners were always coming to visit him and hang out in the art room, I saw him all through high school. He was always freindly and had a big smile for me, yet he never asked me out again. I had this crush on him that lasted until I finally got my first real boyfriend at 16. He kissed me in the wings off stage during a dress rehearsal of Fiddler On the Roof. First date and first kiss ended up being separate things

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We knew each other vaguely from school, but had never talked to one another. He wrote me a private message on facebook: (translated from German) “Did you know that the eye of an ostrich is bigger than it’s brain?” I answered something, we kept chatting, there was lots of funny banter and craziness. In the following days, whenever I was online I would simply wait and see if he wrote. I’m not big on making the first step, and I wanted to see if he was really interested in me. This became clear when he started asking me if I would go “drink some cocoa” with him, which I thought was cute. So I gave him my phone number and he wrote a date and time on which we where supposed to meet. Then he was half an hour late and I suspected that he had stood me up, the got a text message saying that I should look to the right, I did, no one there. Waited for a few seconds, looked again, and he was standing right beside me, looking gorgeous and grinning from ear to ear. We went to Starbucks and talked about ostrich farms, a running gag resolving from the first message he sent me. After Starbucks, we went to a bar, and then another. By this time I had grown a little fond of him and was sweating buckets, terribly nervous, because, even though I was 17 already, I had never been on a date that counted as a real one for me. After having some drinks in the bars, we decided to drive back to the area where we live (coincidentally just five minutes from another) and he said we should go for a walk there. That’s what we did, and at some time after 2 o’clock we kissed for the first time, in the dark, the pouring rain and the winterness of february.
Now we live together in our first own apartment.

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I remember my first date. It was a year ago around spring break I believe. My boyfriend and I met up at this local national park and we had a long walk, it was very fun we talked all day and held hands the whole time. It was very cute :) We ate some mochi ice cream and snuggled x3 But he didn’t think of it as a first date since we ended up hanging with our best friend later in the day lol If he were to answer he’d talk about the time we went to Disney Land together. We’re still together today about a year and 9 months together I think. But a lot of things have happened and it’s not the same anymore. I honestly don’t know how our relationship will be in a couple months from now or if we’ll make it to our 2 year anniversary.

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