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What is art?

Asked by twosolitudes (26points) June 5th, 2008

Does one need to be an artist to create art? Does it need to be valued?

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Art is an expression of feeling. Everything that you can see or feel is art. Art is all around you. The only requirement for something to be considered art is that somone can find meaning in it.

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When you dont know what you are doing it is art. Anything that is colored or painted is art. For example if you draw a picture of your house you should think of yourself as an artist.

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So…I not alone. Some very expensive “fine art” pieces I ‘ve seen have no value whatsoever, to me anyway.

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Art is shooting water balloons filled with paint at a canvas, while expressing ones self.

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The art may not have meaning to you, but it has some sort of value to somone else. During the colorfields period one artist actually painted a canvas white, and that painting hangs in MOMA.

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How long did it take to come up with such a profound question, 5 seconds or 6?

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i’m not a big art expert, but i think art is what you realy like to see, for instance, i have “whaam!” by lichtenstein above my desk, realy nice pop art, on the desk is a book called “core memory, a survey of vintage computers” and is filled with realy realy nice pictures of old computers, i consider both to be art, yet they differ in every way

art is what you value in life


Carney or Linkletter?

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So basically I’m an artist…I just need to find who appreciates my work…

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Yes, you are an artist. If you make anything and it has meaning to anyone then it’s art.

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You can’t see me, but I’m jumping right now

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” art. ”

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Art is the thoughts that float in your head.

It’s also the name of this guy that I know.

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walk down the street. everything you see is art. ironwork railings on a porch. art. a big bubbly spray painted piece of graffiti on a wall. art. how someone arranges there landscaping. art. the design on a pack of cigarettes or candy or soda. art.

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@jlelandg lets not hate on other peoples questions jlelandg. just because you lived in china dont mean you need to act like a question commie.

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Something that captures or expresses a part of the human experience.

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For art to be valuable enough for me to spend money on, it has to be A) technically amazing, by somebody who clearly has skill and talent beyond the ordinary, or B) something fantastically creative that I would never have come up with.

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Art is turning a urinal on it’s side, relieving yourself and then writing R. Mutt across the edge.

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Art is…......highly subjective.

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Look here this is art


Got it =^_^=

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I think a spiderweb is art but by many lofty definitions, it would not make the cut. My answer, after years of study in both the fields of art and art history, is that “Art is anything that reflects the mystery of life or the truth of existence”. By this definition, everything is art. Even the last crap you took. I also believe that everyone is an artist and we are always trying to find ways to express ourselves. The trick is to find a way that satisfies you. Now for some, they are not satisfied without commercial success or at least having people say that they like the work. Others are happy not to even show their work to others. I say- express yourself! Write, Draw, Paint, make shapes with shadows in candlelight at dinner, notice the pattern in leaves, wear clothes that match or don’t match… be YOU, you’re the only one who gets that chance, the only one who can create whatever YOU will create- get to it!

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