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When strangers look at you what do you think they see?

Asked by flutherother (27318points) October 26th, 2012

What impression do you think you give to people. What do you think people notice about you. Is it your eyes, your face, your body or is it the way you are dressed or how you sound.

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Something awful.

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It was my boobs, but since they have vanished of late, I think it is the package. The me as a whole. (Or maybe my fat stomach not sure).

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“Big dude, getting through life. Probably stay away.”

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I don’t really care what they see.

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I guess first impressions – based on visual input only – the first thing people notice is my hair. I get compliments about it from strangers or people whom I have just met.

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I tend to stay rather invisible, I don’t make myself up or behave eye-catchingly, so I am rarely noticed, which is just how I like it.

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A cheerful smiling person with good posture.

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I honestly don’t know, but I do wonder a lot what the hell they are looking at! I wish I could know for my reference.

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A late middle-aged woman who is friendly and comfortable in her skin.

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I think they see a middle-aged woman who is comfortable with herself, takes care of herself, and makes an effort to look presentable when in public. I won’t leave my house in sweatpants, or without combing my hair or putting on some face particularly lips. I think I present as confident and happy (most days).

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People see what I want them to see, or so I like to think. I tend to take charge when there is no established hierarchy, something I noticed people are relieved to see most of the time (“less work for me” kind of thinking I guess). I feel great in a leadership role. On the other hand there are times when a leader already exists, in which case (if they are not terrible at the job) I just (try to) shut up and do my own thing. I prefer to give orders than follow them. All in all I’m not really sure how people actually see me…

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I hope they notice my sweet fade. I put a lot of work into it every three or four days, haha.
I think they probably notice my serious and confident demeanor.
And I know people notice that I’m alone and a wallflower a lot. Last night at the bar, I had two great conversations with random people who came up and asked why I was reading a book at a bar! They even asked me to educate them about my dissertation topic, which is not something most people even want to hear about, haha.

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@bookish1:What are you writing your dissertation on?

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@gailcalled: Thank you for asking. I’d love to talk about it, but if I did, I would make myself identifiable on this site, where I’ve already revealed far too many personal details! But I promise you, it’s urgent and important, and I will be the first person to study it :)

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I seem to be putting out quiet calm confidence lately, and dressing well and putting out out my best. It’s amazing what I’ve been getting back.

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Umm I like don’t know.
Maybe they like just see some dude and stuff.

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I think they see a rude, unapproachable young lady who couldn’t care less about her appearance.

I’m not rude or mean, I’m just extremely shy and I get quite uneasy around people so I suppose they see me as rude. Some people think I’m really sweet though, but those are usually the ones who actually give me a chance.

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Depends when they see me.

Out in the evening at a restaurant or bar, I think they see an attractive women who smiles a lot and seems reasonably happy. Usually dressed fairly tailored! I still like the monochromatic look that was popular in the early 90’s. I am also often in jeans and usually heals no matter what I am wearing.

See me at the gym, and I probably look tired and not very attractive the majority of the time. I literally had a women come up to me and ask if I was ok last week. Like, ok, am I going to fall down or something.

Make-up makes a huge difference on my face. It makes my eyes sparkle and give color to my pale face. I get compliments on my eyes a lot. When I was younger people used to point out my lips also, not anymore.

Some people when I was younger have told me they first thought I would be unfriendly or snobby when they first saw me, and quickly realized how wrong they were.

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Mostly, I don’t think they see me at all. I’m just a woman in my 40s, hair in a ponytail, no make up, dressed in jeans. If they do notice something, it’s my hair or my boobs.

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I’ve no fucking idea, much less care.

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Heathen filth. :D

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