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Why do people wash their jeans inside out?

Asked by AshLeigh (15889points) October 29th, 2012 from iPhone

I’ve noticed just about everyone does this, and I just wanted to know why.

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That’s weird. I don’t, and I’ve never seen anyone else do it. Maybe it’s a regional thing? Sort of like a laundry dialect?

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I cannot think of a time I have done this unless they were inside out after I took them off. Same goes for socks and t-shirts.

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It used to be recommended back in the days of Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt in the early 80’s to keep the dark blue indigo, dark blue. Now faded jeans and acid wash are more the style so you don’t hear it anymore.

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I have never heard of anyone doing this. I try to wash printed t-shirts inside-out in the possibly vain attempt to save the designs for longer, but it never would have occurred to me to wash jeans inside out!

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It keeps dark rinses from fading.

If you do this with sweatshirts, it will prevent piling of the inside lining during the drying, too.

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I don’t (unless it’s by accident) and I’ve never heard of people doing this.

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I wash black jeans and dark blue jeans inside out to try to keep them dark.

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@SpatzieLover what! I didn’t know that about the sweatshirts. Thanks!

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@SpatzieLover : Ditto! I will do that from now on. Much better than just washing sweatshirts as infrequently as possible to make them last… Ahem.

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They do? I have been washing jeans for 40 years and I have never turned them inside out. I wonder what I have been missing…

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This is news to me.

Dyes will leach out of fabrics whether they are inside or outside out.

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Yeah, I tend to agree with @gailcalled. I think if there’s any difference, it will be in the amount of abrasion (fabric to fabric) during the wash. I’m not sure that means you’d be better off with them right side in or inside out, though.

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@ AshLeigh It’s the devil’s work. If you turn Levis inside out you get…. EVILS!

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@Pisces And also Elvis. Levi is biblical. I hope you are just being sarcastic.

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@Pisces, haha. You’re crazy. :)

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I have a pair of $225 AG brand jeans that reccommend washing inside out to preserve the $200 “finish”.

I do it to preserve my $6 investment in them.

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