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你几个国家会说?How many languages can you speak?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) June 5th, 2008

just seeing if they’d let me ask. In another language.

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how did you did that???

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They should allow it. Answering in other than English is not prohibited in the Posting guidelines.
And as an answer to your question, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Turkish, as long as we are clear that speaking and ‘knowing’ are not the same. I can read all Romance laguages + Turkish out aloud which technically I would have spoken, although only 3 of them would be in my opinion languages that I understand.

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4. Amirican English, British English, Latin American Spanish & Pig Latin.

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English fluently, I’m pretty good at speaking/reading/writing Spanish, and some Greek.

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English and just a tad bit of Spanish.

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Do you speak mandarin natively?

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English and Arabic both fluently.

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English, Spanish, Japanese, and some Swahili.

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Just English. I’m hoping to learn Japanese at some point, I would quite like to live there for a month or two.

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Hablo espanol y English…and I know the ASL alphabet ;)

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I don’t speak mandarin fluently, in fact that sentence might have had a mistake in the location of the words but I’m working on it. I hope more Americans learn a second language.

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@2late2be, wouldn’t love to do this ♥?

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This is getting way out my league.

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English and Spanish….. I Would like to learn French…...

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Vamos a escribir en otro idioma ahora?

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it would certainly make things more interesting, eh?

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Just for some lucky bastards

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como nosotros?

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Nous pouvons peut-etre parler en tous nos langues, pourquoi pas?

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oh…oh…Si seguimos va a venir la migra

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je n’aime pas notreallyhere

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Dude get over it

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Speak: Faroese, Danish, English
Fully comprehend: Norwegian, Swedish
Mostly comprehend: Icelandic
Understand/speak some: German, Dutch, Spanish

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Je ne comprend pas pourquoi on n’aime pas “pas vraiment ici”.

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French and English, and I’m trying to pick up Spanish. Wish I remembered more from my two semesters of ASL in college.

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Cantonese, English and Rubbish!

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Native english speaker who can comprehend and speak spanish fairly well.

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Damn Wildflower where’d you pick up Faroese? My best friend is Persian and I still can’t get the hang of it…

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English and that’s it which annoys me seeing as it makes me lazy as people have to fall back and use English for my sake, which I feel bad. But eh, I’m not a languages person I struggled in school to learn Spanish and German but I would love to learn the latter again.

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Hebrew, English, some Italian. I want to learn French, though.

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Fluent in English and Spanish, advanced in Mandarin Chinese.

You said “How many countries can you speak?” You might want to say ”你会说几个语言?”

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does ebonics count?

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English (native), Spanish, French, Malagasy, Latin, Hebrew (all but forgotten now), Mandarin.

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English, barely.

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english and chinese,and did you just wanna say:你会说几种语言?with that chinese sentence,

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Fluent West coast American English, and American Sign Language, Manually transliterated English (the three “languages” [two languages,one code] I use for by work). Azorian Portuguese and Californian Spanish with some proficiency. Can get by, one on one with most romance languages. Can also carry a short conversation in Esperanto, and can spit out a few Cantonese and Japanese phrases.

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Faroese is my native language. Guess you could say I picked it up at home :)
I’m crap at written Faroese now though – having lived abroad for the last 13 years.

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Spanish, English, Italian and some very rusty German.

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