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Why had what is happening in Freeport, Illinois not become political fodder?

Asked by rojo (22078points) October 31st, 2012

With a Bain Subsidiary Article closing down a company and moving it to China, requiring employees to teach their jobs to the Chinese replacements, why has this not been picked up and reported on by the mass media or used in a political context by the Obama campaign?

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The media likes a close race to increase ratings.

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Some of the early reporting on this move had the company flying a Chinese flag outside their building… which I believe turned out to be false. I suspect (but of course, can’t know) that the immediate hand-wringing ended up tainting the story, leading to it not being picked up more widely.

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Because Bain Capital is not running for President.

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Because it’s in Illinois, and they are a solidly blue state already. It’s only 170 jobs, so other states really aren’t worried about what Bain does. And Romney has nothing to do with running Bain at the moment. It’s just not really a relevant story, I suspect they think. Would that it were.

We’re getting down to the wire here. There’s only one story that will be a November surprise, if there is one at all. Soon, it’ll be too late to affect the election. This is not that story.

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Because of the Liberal Media. Everyone knows Romney is a lefty.

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@filmfann Great answer, because it is just the sort of absurdity the Con-Men constantly preach to a loyal flock of sheeple.

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I’ve seen the story a number of times, posted by political activists. I guess it’s just not ‘big’ enough to make it to the main stage?

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Anybody find it interesting that today, six days before the election, George W. Bush was the keynote speaker at a super private conference in Georgetown, Cayman Islands. The conference was organized to explain to wealthy Americans how they can off-shore their money there and avoid paying US taxes. You know, the same place Romney keeps a lot of his money.

Gee, I wonder why Mitt Romney won’t release his tax info. And isn’t it odd that attendees had to sign agreements refusing to discuss anything shared in the conference with the press?

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@ETpro No, par for the course.

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