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Have you seen a zombie horde in your area?

Asked by Jeruba (55887points) October 31st, 2012

I just stumbled onto this story about the walking undead in Maine while checking on the weather near my brother’s home in the aftermath of Sandy. Has there been a sighting in your area?

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Only on the South Park Halloween rerun which aired earlier today :)

Plenty of zombies there.

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Eight goblins and the UPS Driver that was 6 years old.

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We’ve had all kinds of hordes here tonight. Lots of ninjas, witches, dead Paul Ryans and dead Mitt Romneys, and even a giant jellyfish. Around the corner, the undead were dancing to the strains of Thriller.

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Ok, you don’t have to click the link. I’ll tell you what it says.

It’s a story about a group of folks in the Lewiston-Auburn area of Maine who get together and apply zombie make-up and then lumber and lurch around together as a fund-raising effort for a local cause. The story says that groups elsewhere have done the same thing, and apparently it’s a stunt that’s gaining popularity because zombies are big in the popular imagination right now.

I was wondering if you’d seen similar fund-raising activities in your area or even taken part in any.

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The group doing the thriller dance is a local organization that has been doing it for years. They are pretty good now. Their makeup is great. They dance well. One of the dancers was really good. Professional grade.

They didn’t seem to be fundraising, though.

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We have annual zombie walks here. My grown-up children delight in participating. Some of the people really do a good job with their make-up.

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We went to the Halloween Festival at the mall today, and there were actually very few zombies. I sat in the food court for over an hour and just watched the costumed people parade. It was great fujn.

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I think Washington, DC had a Zombie Run last year, which is a 5k infested with zombies. I’m not sure how the whole thing works, but the organizers seem to partner with charities. I love the whole idea!

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Well, used the elevator exiting a metro station and the Devil ( wearing headphones ) came out. Haven’t slept well and haven’t showered for days so I guess that made me look like a zombie horde of one. One zombie with the smell of a horde.

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We have an annual “zombie crawl” in our city, which is a huge event, but it’s not for charity – it is just for fun.
There is also the 5k race where some people dress as zombies and “chase” the runners. That’s not really charitable, either, but still kind of neat. I’d like to do that in the spring.
I like this idea, but I haven’t seen it.

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I’m curious as to how they collect the monies for the charity. Do all the zombies carry buckets or pass the hat or what?

I’m having a hard TD picturing how the zombie horde thing gets translated into cash for the charity?

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My g/f just signed us up for a Zombie 5k next fall with some friends of ours. Our friends are in far better physical condition. I will most likely die within the first 500 feet.

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@Buttonstc, I have no information beyond what’s in the story. Maybe it’s like those sponsored walks: people collect funds in advance on a commitment to do it.

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Um, how about my brother?

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So I saw this family in Wal-Mart the other day… LOL

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