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this Chinese character meaning "brother" was tattooed on my neck backwards. does it mean anything different backwards?

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One of my Chinese friends looked at the character and said that this character doesn't mean anything backwards. She optimistically said that maybe, if Chinese people see it, they will think you put it on that way so that you could read it in the mirror ;). Apparently there is another Chinese character for "brother" (as opposed to "elder brother") that could make sense were the syllables reversed. shin dong; dong shin... what are you going to do?

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I'm not clear what you mean by "backwards". The stroke order was written incorrectly?
Did you start with a mirror image of the character?
Anyway, no, it doesn't mean anything different. I agree with the other fluther.
However, if you have paired the character with another.....possibly.

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thanks for the answers guys. i've thought of the mirror explanation myself.

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I think it means you're cool...;-)

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it means brother simply

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