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Who has called an ex or a friend from the other sex, while being drunk?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 5th, 2008

What did u say?
Usually you dont make much sense. Believe me, I been there, I done that.

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I have! I dialed my guy friends number and before I could say anything another friend who was sitting next to me shouted out “Allie wants your nuts!!” then we both laughed (cause we were wasted) and I hung up.

I also called one of my best friends from high school that same night on the walk home (too drunk to drive). I told him I was walking home with my friend and that I wished I had Fruit Loops. I said I was wearing my purse around my neck like a collar because I didn’t want to lose it. I told him I had stopped to sit in the street because I didn’t know where the bike path was (even though I wasn’t riding a bike). I said I was on an overpass flashing and mooning the freeway traffic (which I was). This was all on his voice mail message and he let me listen to it when I sobered up the next day. Hahaha, he still has the message saved in his inbox.

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Why?... Your phone rang?...sorry, wrong number

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ummm… who hasn’t?!?

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Had one or two ex’s show up at my door at 4 in the morning, drunk as hell, but don’t recall ever ‘returning the favor’.

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Yeah, I second thebeadholder – who hasn’t?!

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i’ve never been drunk, so yeah…i haven’t

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I’ve never done it, probably because I have a sister who had a drinking problem and had to deal with bizarre telephone calls, which are even painful thinking about them again.

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Been called, But I usually avoid firewater, so my day is yet to come.

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I am drunk all the time, but I don’t have a phone. I have drunk chatted though…which is probably worse.

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I tend to try to keep my phone in my purse so I don’t do this, but I definitely did last night….not good :-P

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how did the conversation go? (I know “not good”) care to unleash the dirt for the collective?

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haha i called my ex and scremed YOU WHORE. that was last year…i still havent talked to her.

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it is usually someone whose name starts with A or B that get calls from drunks since there at the top of the address book.

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