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Is there any way that you could improve your eyesight?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 2nd, 2012

I have bad eyesight, and I want to improve it. Is there any way?

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Has your vision gotten worse over time? If so keep your old glasses and wear them when it’s not taxing on your eyes.

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I wish there were. I have been wishing this since I got my first pair of glassed in the fourth grade, eons ago.

Vision changes occur due to changes in the lens and also changes in the cornea.

At some point, when you have reached maturity, you can consider Lasik

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I’ve had my glasses since I was 16, so I don’t remember life without them. Then again they’ve gotten worse after the injury. I agree with @gailcalled. I would look into Lasik. I don’t know if it works in all cases, but I’d check it out.

BTW- Welcome to Fluther!

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Glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery, permanently attached binoculars, complete eye replacement by miniature HD cameras, sensory augmentation with radar/sonar, whatever you like and are willing to pay for.

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By the way, you should visit your optometrist once a year to adjust your lenses.

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I’m not an eye expert, but I think that if your eyes are healthy you can improve your eyesight with eye exercises and wearing special pin-hole glasses like this

Another exercise for your eyes that you might try is to focus on your hand as close to your face as you can and then quickly focus on a far off objet. Repeat this as rapidly as possible about 25 times a couple times a day.

I’ll be 62 years old this January and I have 20/30 vision. I’ve never needed or worn glasses or contacts or had any eye surgery. The reason for this I think is due to my particular eye condition that forces me to constantly work my eyes. My eyes have never worked in unison for stereoscopic vision so I’m continually and rapidly alternating vision through left and right eyes. I’ve been doing this all my life.

Good luck to you!

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One of the most famous, though not proven, methods for improving your eyesight is The Bates Method.

The author Aldous Huxley was a big proponent of the Bates Method.

You might look into that.

I got the book, read it but never really followed through and did all the exercises. It could be a lot of hooey and snake oil. But it is a classic.

I have been looking into this idea too but have not put a lot of energy into it. There are apps for the iPhone and NintendoDS that promise to improve your eyesight but I have not tried them so I cannot advise. I just know they exist.

There are also a number of new types of eye surgery, in addition to Lasik, by I am still incredibly reluctant to let even the most highly trained and experienced medical professional go at my eyes with a laser or a thin wire, or anything, when my only issue can be resolved with glasses, even if I don’t like them, find them inconvenient, would absolutely love to wake up seeing perfectly, like I did when I was younger and would love to stop having to deal with the utter and complete frustration of trying to find my glasses when I can’t see clearly because I can’t find my GD glasses!

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Hey everyone,
.Just letting you know I did have laser eye surgery

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Didn’t it work? Or have your eyes deteriorated since you had the surgery?

Don’t go to my optometrist. Just picked up my new reading specs and the old prescription is clearer than the new one – back I go.

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I don’t think that you can improve “eyesight”. That’s a physical attribute that for nearly all of us will worsen over time, unfortunately.

What you can do, though – and something that I’ve proud to have been able to do myself – is to improve your “observation skills”. That is, eyesight combined with hearing, touch, taste, smell – and brain – to discern your surroundings.

Also, and this is a tip for low light viewing that is also based on physical reality, if you’re trying to see something in the dark or very low light, don’t try to look directly at it. The rods and cones of your eyeball work better in low light when the image is not directly in front of your eyes.

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My daughter is 24 and had the Lasik treatment last April and she couldn’t be happier.No more glasses and perfect restored 20/20 vision.
They will evaluate you and to determine if you are a candidate. She inherited her dads blurry vision and crooked teeth, and my brain, artistic side and sense of humor. Clearly my gene pool was superior. lolol

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^^^ OP said:
Just letting you know I did have laser eye surgery

@kimchi: Can you have the surgery redone? What does your surgeon say? He is the guy to discuss this with.

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@gailcalled Oops, well, maybe it’s time I get my eyes checked again.
Speed reading for the half blind. haha

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