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Why can't I see in the morning?

Asked by GloPro (8389points) March 27th, 2014 from iPhone

Beginning about 6 months ago I have noticed my vision is blurry in both eyes for about two hours after I wake up. I can’t see anything close up or far away. Squinting doesn’t help. It’s like there’s sleep in my eyes. They aren’t red or itchy. After a couple of hours, sometimes less, my vision for the rest of the day goes back to 20/20 or better. Eagle eyes.

What do you think causes this? Is it something I can correct?

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How’s your peripheral vision and have you been to the eye doctor lately. Not to alarm you but blurred vision is on of the few symptoms of glaucoma. I don’t know why it would just be in the morning.
Edit: I was hoping this was in social. I had a good answer involving masturbation and vision.

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Get an eye exam.

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Welcome to aging.

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I agree with @Tropical_Willie, that isn’t normal.

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I am far sighted. Far sighted people can see more clearly sometimes, if we strain our eyes. Near sighted, so I’m told, can’t do this. I am the same way, waking up blurry, then getting clearer. It seems to clear up, but really I’m just working harder to see. It has become so automatic, I only notice it when I have to read small print.
Of course, all that was true long ago. Now, I’m blind when I wake up, and able to see my own hands after ten minutes, and some caffeine.
Have your eyes checked, and make sure It is someone experienced in understanding astigmatism.

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It could be the air in your house is just dry as shit and you wake up with a thin film around the edges. It happens to me when the heat stays on for a while.

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Here is a good place to look at what “blurred vision” in connection with other symptoms might point to.

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That’s a long list.

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I can’t answer your question, but if they were my eyes, I would have an ophthamologist look at them. What harm can there be?

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~About six months ago? That’s just about the time we went from Daylight time to Standard! You need to turn your lights on in the morning, girl! :P

Seriously, though, I agree with everyone who recommends an eye exam. Hate to see those beauties become decoration only, if you know what I mean!

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Are you on some medication? I just started taking a pill that makes my eyes focus very very slowly. It’s tough driving home because my eyes are focused at computer distance, and can’t focus for far distances until well after I get home. One side effect is stated as “blurred vision”. I think it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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@RocketGuy no medicine. Not even alcohol until Easter.

This morning it only took about 15 minutes to go away. I can read a business card across the street at the moment.

The dry room theory could be plausible, @ARE_you_kidding_me. I boil water for no reason and got a humidifier last week. Maybe I’ll try eye drops tomorrow morning and see what happens.

I should go to the eye doctor, everyone is correct. You may remember I am temporarily on Medi-Cal. I don’t want to earn a pre-existing condition before I get back on my own plan… The possibility has me procrastinating until I get a job.
I just got accepted for an internship in Emergency Med at the local hospital, yay! Unpaid, though.

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You can no longer be discriminated against because of a pre existing condition! Yay!
You might want to try an eye ointment when you go to bed and see if you do any better in the morning, although, with the eye ointment, you need to go right to bed as you won’t be able to see well for an hour or so after you put it in.

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Haha, so I trade an hour in the morning for an hour at night? That solution kinda sucks. :-)

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If you’re going to bed anyway…...
Also, if the problem is dry eye, it could help prevent damaging your eyes further.

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Yes, the Prez and his cronies have messed up the healthcare system so they can’t hold pre-existing conditions against you.

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Ok, @Judi, I bought some Refreshe PM dry eye ointment. We’ll give eye Vaseline a shot this week. I read up on dry eye syndrome and it might be a winner. I tattooed my eyeliner on a few years ago because my eyes were always leaking. Now I’m discovering that’s a symptom of dry eye… Weird!

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I would also suggest seeing an ophthalmologist. I think the tattooing and dry eye syndrome are connected. The tear film coating the cornea is the most important focusing portion of the visual system. Anything that disrupts this surface, including dry eye disease will blur your vision.

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@Smitha My tattoos don’t touch my tear ducts. I had it done because my eye makeup wouldn’t stay on because my eyes were always watering. Is that what you meant?

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How did it go @GloPro?

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Wow! I have clear vision right out of the gate! There might be something to this… I’m excited!

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See what happens when you behave?

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@GloPro have you had any kind of eye surgery such as RK or Lasiks? Just wondered because I had the same problem (and still do from time to time) after my RK. The eyes just don’t stay as moist as they used to and I keep a bottle of eye drops in the bedside table, especially in the winter when the heat is on. They tried to get me to go with some expensive drops that they sell but I find the OTC stuff works just as well for much less.

Glad you found something that works for you so you can see what is coming at you in the mornings.

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“I have clear vision right out of the gate!”

I’m glad to see that! Apparently @Judi is Dr. J. ;-)

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