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What if a very low voter turn-out in NYC causes New York to elect Romney?

Asked by filmfann (44462points) November 2nd, 2012

New York, without NYC, would be a red state. People in parts of NYC have no power, so no elevators. Could this change the election?

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Coastal New York is mostly Democratic and mostly in shambles. The rural areas are more Republican and more or less intact. Same goes for New Jersey. It could matter.

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While the popular vote may be close, the electoral vote is heavily in Obama’s favor at the moment, so I am not sure how much difference it will make. And if the majority of NY citizens want Obama, I doubt they will complain much if he manages to win the election without NY’s electoral votes.

@ETpro That always seems to be the way. WA is mostly a red state, but almost half of the people here live in the Seattle metroplex, which is far more liberal.

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It is a nonissue. Most of the power will be restored. You’ll have to come up with another excuse as to why you get beat.

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I don’t know… has the city put any process into place that will allow people who’s polling places are still without power, to vote? I read that Con Ed doesn’t think it can get power fully restored, to everyone, until November 9th or 10nth but I haven’t heard anything about how the city is going to provide alternatives for people to vote. Does anyone know?

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@lillycoyote, the NYC Board of Elections is consolidating and updating polling places and information for residents. Here is some information and also, this might help residents or friends of residents trying to get information about polling locations.

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Power is coming back on. Slowly, but surely.

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@bkcunningham Of course, those affected may well not be reading it online or see it on TV :/

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That is true, @jerv. If their power is out and they are still adamant that they want to vote, I’d imagine (which is all either of us can do since we aren’t voters without power in NYC) they would manage to get information about their polling place.

May I say, without any animosity or anger toward anyone in New York or Jersey, let’s not forget the people who are snowbound and without electricity in Virginia and West Virginia. I know that as I type there are about 95,000 home without power in WVa. and more than 6000 are without power in Virginia. I don’t know how many are without power in Maine and other areas impacted by Sandy.

Sorry for the sidebar, @filmfann. I hope you don’t mind that I added that reminder to your question.

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Why are people using up so much energy tryng to imagine an outcome that will be apparent soon enough. I think it is a bit strange that people are projecting their hopes or fears into a future that they do not control. On November 7, we will all know what happened. All anybody can do until then is vote and wait. Aren’t there things to worry about that you can actually control? Shouldn’t you worry about them instead?

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@josie Sandy sure taught a lot of people that they don’t control the future.

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Not likely.

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@ETpro Your point is?

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@bkcunningham It is kind of hard, when there is more than enough tragedy and disaster to go around. In defense of us East Coasters, and I am Mid-Atlantic, so I should be following WVA too, and Virginia, but I live in DE… downstate Delaware took a real beating, not as bad as the Jersey shore, but bad enough, the Jersey shore is kind of in my neighborhood, as is New York, sort of, but it’s the biggest city in the U.S. and they have one hell of a mess there, and I have dear friends in Manhattan, but they live on the Upper East Side, so they are o.k. but no phone and no internet, no way to get to work for a few days, and no power there if they could.

It is just human nature to focus on the places and people near you and that you know.

Though you did make me feel somewhat guilty for not finding out how things have been going in WVA. I don’t have any family there anymore, they are all gone at this point, but my Dad was from West Virginia, and also my favorite Aunt. I have a sweet spot in my heart for the place.

And I bet it is just beautiful there now. People make a great fuss over the fall colors in New England but in a good year, West Virginia can match or even exceed their fall display, leaf for leaf.

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What if a giant comet hit the Earth and split it in half on Tuesday morning?

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@gondwanalon That would be one hell of a mess, for sure, and I’m pretty sure after that happened, the U.S. wouldn’t exist and there would be no need for it to have an election or a president, and no one left to have an opinion on the matter one way or another.

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@josie About the same as yours was. Let’s wait and see. My prediction is it’s Obama by something close to 300 electoral votes.

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Then there’ll be a flood of complaints from the more sane electorate.

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If it happened that could be the biggest and longest lasting disaster inflicted by Hurricane Sandy.

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