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Any idea how NY became so overcrowded?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) November 3rd, 2012

It’s just so many people and congestion. How did this happen.?

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There are no barriers to people choosing to live there. it is the center of financial activ ity, theatre activity, the United Nations.

People want to live there.

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Like any large city, L.A., NY, San Francisco…people gravitate to large cities for work opportunities and cultural amenities. I’m the opposite, I prefer to to travel to the big cities for special events but I live in the hills, far, far, away from the teeming masses. haha

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It’s the big apple, everyone wants a bite! LOL, it is the city that never sleeps. Full of culture, education, great healthcare, business/wall street, different ethnicities, a main entry point in the Us at Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and so much more. If it wasn’t for the Yankees and Jet/Giants I might even like it ;) LOL, but really, such a great place – the melting pot of the US!

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The quality of the delis. They’re quite the draw.

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It’s also where immigrants landed when their ships came in. After passing Ellis Island they went to Manhattan, and settled in. And Manhattan, being an island, has nowhere to grow but up.

I worked for a man that escaped from Red China to Hong Kong in the early 60s, emigrated to New York in 1966 to NY’s Chinatown. He was with his mother and sister, and they settled where they found neighbors that understood them and would support them. (He told me his first words in English, learned in New York, were “fuck you!”).

It’s the Big Apple, don’t mind the maggots!

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Originally, abundant fresh water and natural resources, plus the perfect port conditions for ships made it a very desirable place to live. The economic and residential development came about due to large numbers of immigrants and a group of politicians who ran the city like a virtual dictatorship. With their extensive construction ideas and with little or no regard to environmental concerns, the turned New York City into the world leader that attracted millions of residents.

One unique thing about New York City is that most people who are born there stay there and grow up to raise a whole new set of permanent residents.

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Because it is a fantastic place to live!

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because people breed like rats lmao!!

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I don’t know but I hear it is a lot safer now. Rudy G. turned things around.

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People think that they have better chances to live a good life there

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