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Why are the windows in Vancouver apartments so huge?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) June 5th, 2008

I’ve been looking at apartments in Vancouver, and I’ve noticed that they all have these nearly floor to ceiling windows, which I love.

I was just wondering if there’s a reason for this.

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just a guess: because Canadians understand beauty?

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So they can stick their big head out?..just kidding

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as grandma wolf told red riding hood “the better to stalk you my dear.”

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I know its a clean and beautiful city with fair weather conditions…that would be reason enough for me.

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because its the city of glass.

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It’s the nature of the city and its general age Vancouver is quite young, so you see a lot of modern architectural influences. Combine the presence of the Ocean and nature right at your doorstep, and you have a perfect combination for beautiful views that need not go unnoticed.

Vancouver is also heavy into the arts, and there’s an awareness of the basic necessities to encourage that creativity. The Biophilia Effect is well recognized for this; In a nutshell: “Environments rich in nature views and imagery reduce stress and enhance focus and concentration.”

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