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Is the University of Vancouver on Vancouver Island or Lower Mainland Vancouver?

Asked by jjosephs (115points) August 18th, 2009


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Are you talking about Vancouver Island University or University of British Colombia?

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University of British Columbia

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The University of British Columbia at Vancouver is in Vancouver, on the mainland.

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Awesome, is Vancouver island urban or more rural-like.

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Likely much less rural than a lot of mainland Canada. If you’re hanging around the university, its not very rural.
If you’re considering Canadian schooling, also consider University of Victoria.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Why Victoria? I’ve only head high praises of U of BC

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Outside Victoria, Vancouver Island gets very rural and even quite rugged wilderness.

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The University of Victoria seems to be a good school, has a nice campus, and is in the eastern outskirts of Victoria on Vancouver island, so a pleasant but semi-isolated place. I think either place, or Carnegie Mellon east of Vancouver, would be good places to go to school. All are good schools and have nice campuses in nice places.

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What the fuck is University of Vancouver? I’ve lived here for 19 years and have failed to miss this non existant university.

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