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Do you often write questions and then decide to delete them before posting ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) June 6th, 2008

i just wrote 2 questions i backspaced again, so that’s why this question came to mind, how impulsive are you when it comes to asking questions on fluther?

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I’ve yet to ask a question, sigh.

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Yep. Just did. Thought of something else halfway through. This Internet seems to wreak havoc on our attentions sp…ooo, look: a butterfly!

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Not often, but occasionally. I wrote out a question with a huge long description then realised it was just a selfish rant and backspaced it all.

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Yup. If I didn’t I’d probably be up to like 150 questions asked….

In fact just a little while ago, I was tempted to ask people’s opinions on popularity contests, but decided there’s been more than enough Q’s lately to make the Fluther community become very “introvert” (in a community that exists for Q&A, asking and answering about itself isn’t broadening anyone’s horizon, is it)

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I am a bit question-less at this time on fluther. Though I do find that I am a bit impusive with my questions on other sites. I post and then find the answeres. So over all I would have to say “Yes” over 50% of my questions asked on the interwebs never make my final cut.

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