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How often are your ideas ignored?

Asked by AntJR (131points) November 6th, 2012

Idea as in, any form of idea(an idea for a TV show, a movie, a video game, a business idea, a fashion idea, a scientific theory, an art idea, a building design idea, an idea about what you decided to have for breakfast) literally any idea you’ve put thought/heart into.

And how does it make you feel on the inside?

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Uhmm, wait I think I’m gonna go to General Section…

Ha ha, just kidding. Whenever I have an idea, I make sure I tell someone who has a good chance of appreciating it. The odds of being ignored gets less and less.

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I really don’t give a damn about anybody else’s opinions if I haven’t asked for comments. I would expect people not to say anything about what I choose to eat, for heaven’s sake. If you want advice, ask!

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@Sunny2 I wasnt looking for advice, just getting to know people, I always appreciate advice though.
Say you were asking for comments or opinions and you never got any, how would that make you feel?

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I’ve been married for 35 years. Need I say more?

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@mazingerz88 Thats a very good approach to it :)

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I don’t really present any of my ideas, at least not in a way that it would be ignored, in respect to this question’s specifics. By that I mean, I have ideas for video games and horror movies, but I never went to any professional source to present them, so I don’t know how it would be to get rejected by them.
Kinda true and not. When I was a preteen, I actually wrote three letters to three different video game companies, saying I wanted to work for them LOL. They were Konami, Capcom and Sqauresoft. (today known as SquareEnix) I actually got replies from both Konami and Capcom who pretty much dismissed me, but within reason. They said I was too young, but they encouraged me by saying I should consider a career in video game programming and stuff, and to try to concentrate on that in my later years.

all I have at this point is a rather exhaustive career as a waitress. lol

Also, those bastards over at Square never sent me a reply. Bungholes.

But in that case, I didn’t present any ideas…but about that, I have this to say. If you ever felt rejected by professional agencies and the like for your ideas, remember that probably many people offer their own takes on a daily basis. I wish I knew what to tell you in order to stand out, but I don’t. That doesn’t make your ideas bad though, it’s just that so many people are out there, after success and dreams. We live in this kind of lame world where people think you can only achieve success by swimming across the sea and starring as bad guys in martial art movies. sorry just a little joke lol
You just gotta keep at it, play the sheep to get your foot in your wanted industry, and then maybe once you’re there, you’ll have your chance.
Okay it’s most likely not that simple, but that’s the way I figure it, anyway. :/

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Quite often. It makes me gleeful when someone noticies initiates the changes or ideas I have specified. And even better when I am allowed the freedom too. What really bugs me is politics of it I submit an idea and because of who the person is suggesting something else, they get choosen. Or when my idea is represented from someone else and they get the credit for it. Rejection in and of itself even if I have poured my creative energy and work into it is hurtful but easy to brush aside especially if their is a good reason for it and I am told why, or am able to figure it out myself. They all can’t be winners or you are playing life way too safe.

Side note: @AntJR welcome from a newbie myself, I can say dig in the water is warm and the people are friendly.

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@Symbeline You sent your ideas to Konami, Capcom nad SquareEnix? Those are some big names, and 2 of 3 of them responded to you, thats great! :)
I havent presented mine to anyone at all, Im still not sure which way I’d want to go with mine, give it to an existing company and let them have some rights to my stuff, or just make my own team and have much more freedom(If I have enough money Im def going for that)
Thats really great advice, thanks!

@rosehips Yeah, it would really suck to lose credit for what you made or not get chosen over someone else. And oh yeah, I like this website, alot of people are friendly :D

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Dude, the first friendly who posts gets lurve from the OP. Lol.

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It depends on the setting. At work my ideas are not ignored which is nice. Here, if GAs are an indicator, on occasion. At home my kids regularly ignore my ideas and my husband does on occasions.

It feels nice when people give my ideas consideration and can feel frustrating when they are ignored. If it’s my kids ignoring my ideas I just put it down to me being their mum and what would I know about anything!

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