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I just opened a glass jar of pomergranate cherry juice that is dated for 6/2011. It smells fine, tastes fine, is it safe to drink though?

Asked by distantaurao (5points) November 7th, 2012

Juice that is outdated

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I have to admit – I am guilty of keeping some canned goods far longer than the expiration date. The reason being that I have a food storage pantry that I keep stocked, and often something will get overlooked. I operate on the understanding that anything canned cannot spoil, so it should be safe. However, I have opened older cans whose contents have discolored, or tastes weird, or smells kind of fermented. If it looks and smells okay, I am sure that it’s fine.

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The vacuum seal was still intact, right? That’s about the age of the stuff I have around here. Sophia 1 liter bottle. I drank mine with no problems.

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@distantaurao Most of the expiration dates are used for the quality of the products, not for spoilage. As long as it’s sealed it should be fine from a safety standpoint.
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Um, “pomegranate”?

Almost a year and a half expired? That seems a bit much.

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Assuming the container was unopened and undamaged, then you should be fine. Even some discoloration due to exposure to light won’t make the product unsafe, but that’s the sort of thing that might alter taste somewhat as well as the appearance of the product.

That’s why most food labels (for this type of processed food, anyway) have a “best by” date, instead of a “must use by” date. The date shown on the seal is the “guaranteed fresh” date; the date at which the manufacturer promises “identical look and feel and taste” to “brand new”.

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