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Remedies for very dry lips?

Asked by newtscamander (2843points) November 8th, 2012

For a few weeks now my upper lip has been completely dry, no matter which cream I use or how often. I’ve always had a dry lower lip, because I tend to chew on it when I’m anxious, ruining my skin, but I’ve never experienced this on the upper one….Have any of you? Could it possibly be an early symptom of Herpes labialis?
If you’ve had something similar, did you manage to get rid of it? How?

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Vaseline at night. You can use it during the day too, but at night while sleeping is the big trick. Significant healing in just one night.

If you are female keep lipstick on all the time it will protect your lips.

If it were herpes you would have an outbreak within a week of the area feeling uncomfortable. Does the dryness extend beyond your lip onto your skin?

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My daughter swears by Carmex.

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I really like Blistex.

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Wikipedia says:

Adequate hydration is the first line of defense against chapped lips. Lip balm can provide temporary relief. It is often believed that petroleum jelly can heal chapped lips; however, it only aids in preventing moisture loss, but does not repair or penetrate the lips. Medical grade (USP) lanolin accelerates repair of lips and is used in some lip repair products. Certain enzymes present in saliva (normally used for digestion) irritate the lips, and the evaporation of the water in saliva saps moisture from them. For these reasons, licking one’s lips should be avoided. Nasal sebum may also be used as a remedy.Acidic drinks such as orange juice further irritate chapped lips and consumption of acidic drinks is advised against.

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Burt’s Bee’s works like magic.

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I’ve been using LipFusion XL for about 6 years now, and have never had dry or chapped lips since.It’s marketed as a lip plumper, but is not like those other brands that have hot pepper in them. This stuff actually works to build the collagen in the lips.

I don’t look like Angelina Jolie (and I wouldn’t want my lips that full), but they feel softer and smoother, and the men I’ve dated since I’ve been using it have all commented on how soft my lips are.

It’s quite expensive (and I’m not sure about availability outside the US), but I use it less and less over time, because it works so well that my lips don’t get dry when I don’t use it.

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@JLeslie only my lips are dry. Then it can’t be herpes, been dry for weeks and no outbreaks. I guess it’s all the cold and dry air the lips get exposed to outside. Great tips, I’ll have a look for some of the products suggested. I know that I’ve seen Burt’s Bee’s and Blistex around here. Thank you!

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Honestly, anything will work better than nothing. All the products above put a seal over your lips to protect them from the dry air. Anything from oils to waxes are in the ingredients of the products, even lipstick. If you lick or bite your lips as you mentioned it will make things worse. Whatever you do put on your lips will quickly be gone with habits like that, and your lips are exposed again. The reason I emphasized nighttime is because many people breath through their mouth during sleep which can make things worse.

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I use vitamin E oil – works wonders for me.

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In general in addition to some type of lip product like Vaseline, drink more water than usual and maybe sleep with a humidifier on.

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Aquaphor is a miracle cure for dry lips. Nothing else even comes close. Schmeer it on your lips and you are guaranteed to have some relief by morning.

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I use a ton of lip balms. They all work but you have to keep applying them, which is okay with me. The waxy ones (chapstick) don’t work for me, and I hate the ones that burn, like Blistex. I use the oily ones, which is just about all of the ones you get in the cosmetic section. Avon is my favorite. Make sure you put some on before you go to bed, too.

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A Vitamin E lip balm works well too, and yes, Burts Bees is a very good product.
I’m surprised I don;t get chapped lips rarely, if ever, given the fact that I am flapping my lips a lot. lol

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Water and calendula cream.

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Chapsticks that are based on wax are useful only for preventing chapped lips. Once they’re chapped, you need something different. When my lips get dry and chapped in winter, and the corners of my mouth crack and bleed, I go straight for my tube of Aveeno Intense Relief Therapy. My sister recommended it to me when I complained that nothing I tried was helping. Now I don’t use anything else. It can be found with all the other chapsticks in the drugstore.

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@mcbealer, I already said that.

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@kimchi Burt’s Bees has around a dozen formulas. Breathe.

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@JLeslie: Some lipsticks and glosses have alcohol, which is drying. One needs to check the ingredients to ensure that the formula is moisturizing and seals in the moisture.

@Skaggfacemutt: That’s what’s different about the product I use. As I mentioned, I use it less and less over time because it actually builds up the collagen in the lips.

@All: is having a Friends and Family event… my Fellow Flutherers are my Jelly Friends and Family! There’s 25% off using the Promo Code: F12FRIENDS
Feel free to research the reviews and beauty sites for LipFusion XL – it’s been a top-rated item for years. I am a makeup minimalist, andI don’t recommend products unless I really swear by them.

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@mcbealer Every one of them works, smart one. I have tried most of their lip balms.

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@hearkat The long-stay lipsticks should be avoided, I should have mentioned that, and any lipsticks that do something special like plump up lips. Otherwise, I don’t see how lipstick can be drying. It has oils and waxes in it.

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