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What would you do?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) June 6th, 2008

My camera is away for repair (for nearly 4 weeks so far – don’t get me started on that!!) and I’m going to a concert tomorrow. I could stretch to buy another, but is that overkill?
What would you do, rely on iPhone camera, pick up a disposable camera (go retro) or splash out on a second camera?
By the way, I do enjoy taking pictures, so I’ll make use of any equipment available to me – it won’t go to waste.

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Well, you could just go to the concert without a camera. I enjoy taking pictures as well, but sometimes its really nice to be liberated from that and just enjoy what is going on around you.

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do you have any friends with cameras? im sure they can let you borrow that. if this concert is like a big thing then it wouldnt be overkill really….besides 2 cameras are better than one =D

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Are you willing to 1) pay for film developing and 2) spend the time on scanning them in? Borrowing one sound like a great idea to me!

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yeah just borrow one

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Find a freind who will lend you one.

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get a cheap one. who are you going to see anyways?

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The friend I’m going with has an iPhone as well, so she’d have that camera. My old camera is too clunky and poor quality to bring. Plus the card seems knackered.

I’m leaning towards disposable (and yea, I don’t mind paying for the development and I have my own scanner) – or use the opportunity to buy a small digi cam with a wide angle lens – think I saw an ad for a luminex one recently

And I’m going to see Bon Jovi – so not getting snapshots isn’t really an option. He’s too good not to immortalize!

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Here we go again with your weird bon jovi fetish


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If you REALLY loved Bon Jovi like you say yo do you would spend the money on a nice new sparkly camera. Don’t skimp on your love.

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I agree…can’t miss out on a good shot of Jon Bon Jovi (yum)! Was your old camera worth repairing? As I see it, you should update and get a new one (if the other isn’t too new) and then sell the one you fixed on Craigslist or EBay.

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Unless you’re in the orchestra pit or have a pro zoom lens, don’t bother.

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I will be in the Gold Circle and he does use the bridge to come out in to the audience, so I will be able to get some decent shots (I did last time).

I think I’ll have a look in the shop in the morning, if something under 200 euros appeals, I’ll get it, otherwise it’ll be disposable

Oh, and the cam that’s in for repair is only 2 months old, when I referred to my old camera it’s the old old one, from 6 years ago.

Thanks for the input!! :)
– if anyone has recommendations for mid-range consumer cameras, feel free to add it here!

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BON JOVI… totally worth it….im from jersey haha

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There should be some good recommendations at DigicamHelp

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I like how you said the card for the camera was “knackered.” Can I use that word if I’m not British?

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Sure you can – I’m not.

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I’d buy a new camera to get shots of Bon Jovi too!! Have fun Wildflower. I envy you!

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Thanks scamp! I’ll do an extra scream just for you ;)

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I’ll keep my ears open!

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I’ll go to the concert for you and take picture!

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hehe….a kind offer babygalll, but that’s just not an option :)

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Update: So the concert was yesterday, a fantastic show in an incredible setting with the sun shining and minimal queues for booze, food and toilets.
My friend brought her digi cam and iPhone (my iPhone ran out of battery before – duh!) and we took turns at snapping away.
Thankfully, the camera was still intact this morning, despite the state we were in by the end of the concert and our little dumb & dumber moment when we got off the bus coming back to city center after the show (I nearly forgot my bag because I was completely zoned out, my friend tried to be responsible and get it for me, but fell flat on her face when stepping off the bus, landing on my bag, crushing the 1 remaining red wine pouch – who knew a 20 euro note could look so pretty in purple!)

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What kind of concert was this?

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Bon Jovi in Dublin (or close to Dublin, more like it)

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I want to see pics!! Your poor friend. Is she ok? Did you have a good time otherwise?

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There are some on my flickr and yea, she’s fine – a scraped knee and torn leggings was all :)

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I’m glad she’s ok. Wow! you got some great shots! Looks like you were pretty close! I envy you. lol

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