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Do you believe in helmet laws?

Asked by buster (10239points) June 6th, 2008

Some states you have wear them on a motorcycle. Some states you don’t. I would personally wear one on a motorcycle because i dont want my brains all over the highway. However i dont wear one skateboarding unless its a requirement at a skatepark. I heard everyone pays for it when people get hurt and run up medical bills.

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Absolutely. One of the few times I agree with the government mandating common sense.

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Seinfield said: “why protect the brain that’s trying to break the skull its in?”

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Its common sense, you should wear it, even if you dont have to…

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I’m with 2late. I know someone whose son was skateboarding and had a serious accident. It left him brain dead. So even with skateboards it’s a good idea.

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I joke that in LA there’s an anti-helmet law. It’s illegal to wear a helmet because it infringes on one’s ability to look “cool” at all times while riding that fixie about town. I always wear one because I don’t think that brains spilling out of my skull is a “cool” look.

For motorcycles, I don’t understand why anyone would get on one without a helmet. That’s just silly.

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I wonder if states with helmet laws have fewer organ donors.

I believe in helmet laws for minors. I guess I’m neutral otherwise, but don’t see how it’s much different from seatbelt laws. Personally, I always wear one and would insist on my passenger wearing one.

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@Kev: I agree about the seatbelt comparison! I just was thinking about this the other day. It seems like a lot of teenagers think it’s “cool” to drive w/o a seatbelt when they first start driving, but sooner or later they get the idea that it’s just a little click and can save your life, so they stop going without them. Though I do know at least one grown adult who refuses to wear them…I guess Darwin will probably take care of that, sadly.

But anyway, what’s the deal with the same people who religiously use their seatbelts NOT wearing helmets? I guess it’s just that whole fear of looking dorky or messing up that perfectly-styled hair.

And also, I love it when I see people forcing their kids to wear helmets while they go without. Setting an example, anyone?

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The problem with motorcycle helmets is they get soo f ing hot during the summer!

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Yes, so do bike helmets. It’s so gross and sweaty! Still doesn’t justify not wearing them, to me.

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