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Tecchies! What is the least expensive way to download analog video to my computer and cut a dvd? Ditto vinyl and audiotape to CD?

Asked by anartist (14781points) November 13th, 2012

I have Windows 7, a very old vcr that does not have any built in interference to copying, a tapedeck, an amplifier, and a super-old turntable that plays 33, 45, and 78.

I want to move all my old videotapes to dvd and all my clay/vinyl and audiotapes to cd and store or sell/get rid of the antiquated bulky hardware.

Then move to the next step and put a lot of that on flash drive so I’ll end up with speakers, a monitor, and a docking station. It is tedious but replacement of collection too high.

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There are older video cards that have S-video connections (the kind used for vcrs and dvd players before HDMI), that can probably be used as an input device to capture video from a source, audio would need a little bit of hardware hacking/soldering, or maybe they make adapters.

I know that there are serices specifically for this since there are machines for this sort of thing but they are expensive.

As for the vynl there are specific devices as well, but here’s a tutorial and another guide I found.

Never done either though.

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I spent $75 and bought a vHS-to-USB machine. Basically you play the tape and it goes right into the software using the USB port.

That’s cheaper and easier than buying a TV input card.

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USB Turntables are pretty inexpensive, as well. I’m thinking about getting one for the Hubs for Festivus.

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