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When was the last time that you were terrorized when you were in bed, defenseless?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) November 17th, 2012

I just had to get this off my chest… I woke up from a deep and restful drunken Friday night sleep after a rich full day to discover GRAND DADDY COCKROACH had decided he wanted to hold my hand. I didn’t scream like a little girl, which surprised me somewhat, but I did spend the rest of the night sleeping on the sofa.

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During Hurricane Sandy – not knowing what was going to happen that night.

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I can’t remember.

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Hasn’t ever happened. Even my worst dreams aren’t terrorizing. Closest was as a child I found a spider in my bed. I whacked at it with my slipper and it disappeared. Then I worried that maybe the spider was Jesus and God was testing me and I had failed.That was kind of scary.

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The wife’s snoring, i’ve given her a nickname….“taliban tonsils”.

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For about five seconds when an earthquake struck. I woke immediately, but during the first jolt one doesn’t know if it will keep going. I was okay when it settled down right away.

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@bookish1 I give you the same advice my sister tortured me with 30 years ago: Don’t sleep with your mouth open.

The only time I remember being terrorized when in bed was when my Mom got mad that I hadn’t hung up some clothes, and she began wailing on me with a coat hanger while I was sleeping.

and, no. She didn’t say “No wire hangers!”

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I experienced a power surge once and saw sparks coming out of some of my electronic devices (and I heard a weird buzzing noise and my digital clock was on and lit up but there were no numbers). It was pretty unreal. I quickly unplugged everything, but I still felt like a fire was going to start. Didn’t sleep much after that…

But I guess it’s not as bad as my brother waking up with a big spider crawling on his face…

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There was a spider in my onesie last night. And it bit me. Yes.

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Ugh! Great question. I’ve had a few. One night awoke to all my furniture rattling and moving across the floor. I was convinced it was demonic activity. Turned out to be an earth shift. Also woke up twice to the image of a man running to my bed, I screamed on both occasions. Hypnogogic? Who knows?

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A couple days ago.

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I woke up and saw the kitchen table outside my room, covered with coffee cups and tissues one morning. I knew it was going to suck immediately. My uncle was killed in a car accident.

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Because of the close proximity of my house to the bush, on summer nights I am terrorised by kamikaze mosquitoes, unless there is some wind outside.

I was sleeping next to someone who woke up in the middle of the night to find a reasonably large spider crawling on his face, he opened his hand and squashed it right there on his forehead, figured it was better than the probability of having the spider crawl on him all night.

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Why, it was only last night, but it was voluntary for both of us ;)

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Nightmares. Regular nightmares about something awful happening to my son. He falls, or drowns (or falls and drowns), gets hit by a car in a post-apocalyptic city… just horrible, weird, frighteningly realistic dreams what wake me up crying and short of breath.

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The last time was walking through my living room early one morning just after waking up when it was still dark and seeing a cat ” toy” I thought was lost on the floor.
I was like ” Oooh, there’s the cats Gopher toy!”
When I bent down and picked it up it was a REAL, dead and decapitated Gopher!
Kitty doors bring in all sorts of terror. lol

I am also traumatized on a fairly regular basis when the little tree frogs that hide under my spa cover leap into the boiling cauldron when I flip the lid and instantly die and sink. So sad!
Once a dead, slimy one floated up under my chin in the dark one night.Aaaaagh!

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