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How much do you think Fluther makes monthly on ad revenue?

Asked by jballou (2113points) June 6th, 2008
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i think they play even, well, if they where ever in need of cash, i’d fork some over

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don’t know and don’t care.
If they earn much they probably deserve it.

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if you don’t know and don’t care why did you bother answering? No one’s saying they don’t deserve it…

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Yeah, now I’m curious too.

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You could ask one of the owners in the chat room – if they don’t want to tell you, end of story.

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Um… there’s ads?

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There’s less when you’re logged in, but yeah there’s a smattering of ads. They’re pretty well integrated into the site and non-obtrusive which is probably why you never noticed them.

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I’d be delighted if they are making money. It is a great site. Some things are just worth having because they are entertaining as well as informative.

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They make enough to pay for their hosting services, with just a little bit left over.

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Do they get money just from having the ads? It seems like I knew some one who had a site and he got like $0.25 every time some one clicked an ad. We should all click the ads like crazy to get them more money :)

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For now, it looks like they’re just using Google Ads, which means they get money per click. Once they get bigger, they’ll be able to sell sponsorships and other types of advertising and basically be able to make money by saying “Look how many people use our site”

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I almost always use the iphone client – I don’t think there are any ads on it (thank gawd). I’m all for Fluther making money, but I do hate ads. ;)

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I appreciate the fact that they place them on the side. They are visable but not intrusive!

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Here’s a similar question from several months ago.

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