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Asked by augustlan (47381points) November 23rd, 2012

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to waste time.

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With love, anything is possible.

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Here’s how to achieve peace: Try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

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Here’s how: People need to stop thinking that by slagging off various beliefs or creeds or color on an INDIVIDUAL level, and put that shit energy into fighting their cause in a civilized, organized manner. By forming helpful groups. By understanding we all have different thoughts and ideas. And by RESPECT.

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With a workable plan.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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now, brown kitty.
sit goin’?
How to succeed in business without really trying.
dy Doody Time

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Slowly and with lubricant.

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Is anyone going to ask “IF?”

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@rooeytoo The details would have to make sense, too. Give it a go!

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To win friends and influence people.

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How? Elementary my dear @augustlan. The boss may not always be right, but she’s always the boss. ☮

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How Now Brown Cow…..

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Very carefully.

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Imma place a goblet in the middle of the city square, and if anyone takes it…I’ze gone show j00 how we maintain peece up in diiiiis beeeeeesh!

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“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world because they’d never expect it.”
~Jack Handy

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He came up to me while I was sitting in the hall studying (or preparing to, since I had only read a few sentences…)

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∀ A⊆C: ☮∈A ≡ ☮∈C
☮∈C ≡ ∀ A,B⊆C: ☮∈A∩B
☮∉B → ☮∉ A∩B
∃ B⊆C: ☮∉B → ∃ A,B⊆C: ☮∉B
∃ A,B⊆C: ☮∉B → ∃ A,B⊆C: ☮∉ A∩B
∃ B⊆C: ☮∉B → ∃ A,B⊆C: ☮∉ A∩B
∃ A,B⊆C: ☮∉ A∩B → ¬∀ A,B⊆C: ☮∈A∩B
∃ B⊆C: ☮∉B → ¬∀ A,B⊆C: ☮∈A∩B
☮∉C ≡ ¬∀ A,B⊆C: ☮∈A∩B
∃ B⊆C: ☮∉B → ☮∉C
☮∈A ≡ ☮∈C → ☮∉A ≡ ☮∉C
∃ B⊆C: ☮∉B → ∀ A⊆C: ☮∉A

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My, how the rules have changed.


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@PhiNotPi Whoa holy crap bro, you might be able to turn rocks into gold pretty soon!

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…did you know it was me!?

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Great 2nd answer.
But what does it mean?

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