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When you pick your nose, what do you do with the boogers?

Asked by FutureMemory (24476points) November 24th, 2012

Do you fling it into the air? Wipe it on a tissue or your clothing? Eat it?

The other day my uncle was hanging out here at my house, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him picking his nose. I thought to myself “What’s he going to do with that?”, but I didn’t want to know so I looked away.

What do you do with it?

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I collect them, mix them with sugar and then give them away on halloween as candy.

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Oh man, I haven’t had breakfast yet….gah!
Well…on the rare occasions I pick my nose I prefer to have a tissue or napkin handy. Wiping ones snot on ANYTHING other than a napkin is disgusting!
Reminds me of the time when my daughter was a teen and had a cold. We were driving and I had run out of the usual stash of napkins in the console so had her blow her nose on a

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@Coloma Mini-pad? Is that like an i-Pad?

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Grown ups don’t pick their noses, they blow them.

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I blow my nose while having a shower, it’s the best way to clean it!

When I’m not in the shower I eat them.~

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I transport them onto the Klingons’ ship.

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@FutureMemory Haha, well, you can imagine a kids horror when mom gives them a Kotex to blow their nose with. Hey, I have always been creative and resourceful, even BTRTHB.
Before the return to Happy Brownies. :-)

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I rub them together between my two fingers and then they generally disintegrate into tiny little balls and they roll off. Sure, I guess technically they’re all over my house. I don’t care. Sometimes I sniff them, and they smell really good. Other times they are neutral. I fucking love to pick my nose, especially after a long day at work with no picking.

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I only ever do this in the bathroom, where tissue is handy.

@Shippy I am unable to blow my nose adequately, so picking is a necessity! This is why I never blow my nose in public.

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On the rare occasion I avail myself of this totally satisfying solution, I wipe it on a tissue and then dispose of it in the waste backet. Then I thoroughly wash my hands and enjoy the freedom of uncluttered breathing.

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I stick them to my cats’ tails.

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I blow my nose and allow the tissue to do all of the dirty work on my behalf as I figure that is the job that it is there for. I have also never understood why somebody would eat them as my brain just stalls when it tries to work out the point at which it goes “mmm that looks tasty!!”

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@deni My fiancé does that too! And here I thought he was so cool and unique.

I eat ‘em. Salty goodness, no mess. Unless I’m sick with a cold or something, in which case it counts as gross.

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@deni Ditto! Thank you. Of course, what else would you do with them??.

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Haha deni…you’re awesome.

To all the blowers…I’ve found that blowing is only good for when you’re draining already, from maybe a cold or an allergy. What about when it’s dry? When you’ve got virtual pebbles up your nose.

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I reread my answer just now and am lolling! lolololololol I Really do love it so much though.


@wildpotato Hilarious. Do you really eat them? My boyfriend told me he eats them too. I literally literally could not believe him. Are you serious? I’m going to grill him right now.

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Sell em on ebay disguised as a celebrities boogers.
~who’s gonna know?~

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I smear them all under @bookish1‘s coffee table when he isn’t looking. XD

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I also can’t understand the motivation to eat them. I mean, do they taste good? Do you feel like you’re recycling what your body is trying to get rid of? What if they’re particularly wet? Would you go as far as licking your finger?

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Do you feel like you’re recycling what your body is trying to get rid of?
Lol eeeeeeew. I mean like, by that logic, one should also eat their own shit, or try to stick it back up their ass after defecation.

Granted, shit is way more eew than boogers, but still, your body ejects certain matters for a reason lol. Although apparently, drinking one’s own weewee can be beneficial to your health. Ain’t trying it though. lol

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Mucus is designed to catch and trap germs, dust, and debris, and prevent them from fitting any further in our respiratory system – it acts as a filter. Once I realized this, I stopped my childhood habit of picking and eating, because then all that nastiness winds up in the digestive tract. Sniffling and then swallowing has the same result, and sniffling then spitting is just nasty. My son always sniffled as a kid, no matter how I tried to get him to blow his nose instead. He learned his lesson the hard way when he threw-up loads of snot in the back seat of my car (of course, I had to clean it up… ewwwwww).

Blowing ones’ nose with a good honk creates a resonant vibration that loosens the dried-up crusty snots. If I am in a public situation where honking my nose would be obnoxious, I blow gently then pick with the tissue over my finger. I prefer Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues without lotion, because they are very thick to catch the mucus, without soaking through. In the morning, when I am especially stuffy and dry, I honk and pick while taking a shower – the steam from which helps loosen and moisten the boogers – and it all washes down the drain.

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Boogers…you yanks have some strange pussy sounding words, we call them bogies or snots.
Mine go straight to a tissue, or if none are available, they get flicked off.

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Cannonball run!!!!!!!!!!

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I send them via FedEx to the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. : )

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@deni Yep, I really eat them.

@FutureMemory They taste like nothing, or slightly salty if they are “crusties.”

@FutureMemory & @Symbeline I love the recycling idea! Hadn’t thought about this in connection to boogers before, but I def agree with the idea in general. It’s awesome to eat (non-excretory) stuff that comes off my own body. George Carlin even did a bit on it eating scabs sorry for the insane dude acting out everything Carlin says; it was the only video I could find of it. But it’s actually kind of more amusing this way. And my dog likes it too – whenever I clean her eye goop for her or pick something out of her fur or even just pull off her shedded fur, she always wants to eat it. Must be some deep-seated psychological thing.

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Aww, bless.

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