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How do you determine your armor class in Dungeons and Dragons.

Asked by Zaxwar91 (225points) June 6th, 2008

I just started playing dungeons and dragons the board game and i cant figure out how to find a characters armor class. Specifics would be greatly appretiated.

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Oh man. My knowledge in this area is like 12–15 years old. I remember when 2nd edition was all we could talk about, before it was out! Sorry I don’t actually have an answer. :(

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I haven’t ever done D&D roleplaying, but this series of articles seems to be a good guide to creating a character. It mentions Table 7–6 in the Player’s Handbook.

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Wasn’t there something about your armor and dexterity bonuses? That gives you your armor class? And THAC0?

Wow. <dodges dork-missiles/>

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THAC0! To Hit Armor Class Zero! Yah! That was a new kind of fancy math when 2nd edition came out. <hit squarely in chest with dork-missile/>

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What version are you using?
Usually your AC is determined by the armour you are wearing (or buy).

In 4th edition here is the calculation:
Armor Class = 10 + Armor Value + Shield Bonus ( if wearing Light Armor either +Dex or +Int modifier, whichever is highest) + ½ character level

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