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I have a thesis statement for an essay but could someone give ideas for main ideas?

Asked by cmayna (3points) November 24th, 2012

thesis statement: “although an independent heroine, Aminata had a great deal of assistance in her quest to survival”

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Tell us more.

Have you read the book? Is it fiction?

Your thesis statement seems to invite a simple division into examples (typically three). First establish that she can be seen as independent. Then give examples of who or what helped her along at crucial points. And what conclusion do you want to arrive at?—maybe that accepting a little timely help doesn’t mean you’re incapable? or that people can draw strength from one another and do more than they could alone?

I haven’t read the book and know nothing about it. I don’t know the title or author, the characters, the main themes, the plot line, or anything. I’m simply taking a cue from the thesis statement you gave, which leads to an obvious natural structure.

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i have read the book! just struggling thinking of three main ideas to get three essay started

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Did you not like my suggestion?

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@cmayna, you’re new here. Welcome. Please allow me to point you to the writing standards for the site. We don’t expect perfection, but a little care in writing is expected. Thanks.

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