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Have you seen a live platypus in person?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone


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no. Not a live one.

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No way Jose!!! Have you??

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At the zoo i think

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Nope. I saw one on tv and in a text book though. I’ve seen ducks and beavers in real life! If you put the two together you almost get a platypus. Does that count?

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No i wish, they are awesome!

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Wouldn’t you have to be there in person in order to see a live one? And, no, I haven’t.

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You can see a live platypus on tv, like animal planet. Don’t have to see the platypus IN person to see it being alive.

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Trance; that was not the question Ice asked. Yes, I have seen a live platypus on TV. No I have not seen one in person, as you mentioned.

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You could see a dead or stuffed one in person. I think maybe the questioner was trying to weed that out.

an aside, qailcalled, and anyone else who is interested, please go to the “favorite word” question. I am really interested in your answer.

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Bri_L; no link? My favorite word now is “platypus.”

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I’d love to. What an interesting animal.

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