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How often do you have dreams that come true?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25251points) November 26th, 2012

Last week I had a dream that my brother and his girlfriend broke up. I found this quite amusing as, to the outside world, they appeared to be really strong and very much in love. I didn’t think anything of it until my mum called me today to tell me that they split up last night. I honestly had no idea that there were any problems between the two of them so it’s strange that I dreamt it.

Anyway, I would say that I probably only have dreams that come true about once or twice a year but they really bother me when they do. It creeps me out a lot!

How often do you have dreams that come true and do you have an explanation for why it happens?

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I don’t know if I had any dreams that came true and stuff.
I do have those dreams where it’s like I can’t remember if it was real life or not because it seemed so real. Like this one dream where my dad was calling me and I woke up and was all like “what do you want, Dad?” and he was all like “I didn’t say anything..” and I was like “oh..”

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About two months before my friend was murdered he told me he was being abused. I had several dreams where he died, but it’s not really surprising considering the situation.
I still have those dreams.

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@AshLeigh Shit. I’m sorry.

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You are truly prescient. I have never had a dream come true. At least, not a sleeping dream.

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I can think of two reasons for you to have dreams that turn out to be true. One is pure coincidence. The other is that you might notice small things on an almost subconscious level, and those thoughts surface in dreams. For example, you say that your brother and his girlfriend appeared to be very much in love, but perhaps one day you saw one of them cast a meaningful glance at the other in your peripheral vision. Not enough to make you react immediately, not enough for you to even remember it consciously, but some part of your brain holds on to that image. Maybe it does so because it is so incongruous – and your dream assigns it a context by telling a story about it.

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I don’t have many dreams.

About 2 days ago I was telling everyone that I was excited for the 1st snow the forecast had predicted, which I am excited, last year we had hardly any snow.

Anyway, on the next night after the prediction I was ranting and raving about how I hoped that the snow that was coming would be a lot.

That night I ended up having my first dream I’ve had in a long time.

I dreamt it was snowing a lot.

Apparently in my dream I was not happy about the snow.

The next day I felt like such a damn liar and we didn’t even get snow. :( Ironically , the whole day I was mad that the prediction they gave me was wrong.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with anything but I’m mad at the future, especially if there is not you or snow in it.

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We pick up non verbal cues and this is stored away in our unconscious. Which less filtered can appear in dreams. I think I don’t know.

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@wundayatta I don’t want to be prescient I had to google that word to find out what it means, it scares me.

@glacial and @Shippy You’re explanations are comforting to me!!

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