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Any thoughs about a home page that has news, weather, and a place for a portfolio data base that is upgraded daily?

Asked by gailcalled (54621points) June 6th, 2008

I have been using, but apparently they are tanking since many of the useful modules disappeared on June 1.

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You can try igoogle. Very customizable. Unlikely that Google will fold anytime soon.

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I use for that stuff.

edit :: what shilolo said.

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Bwaaa. I should have bought Google stock instead of MSFT.

Thank you, both.

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Not only does iGoogle have all of those things, you can also add translators to go from standard english into txtspk…we all know that is going to be most helpful for you. : )

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Ooh, Google sounds better and better. (Play, you pegged me really quickly:))

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@ gailcalled – surely you mean “thoughts” :)

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@PnL. Uh, oh…

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iGoogle is the most common, especially if you have gmail.

HOWEVER, I did read about this on lifehacker the other day:
There is this website that I’ve never heard of, and all it is is a start page, it’s very clean, very cool, and you can put just about everything you could want. I’m considering changing mine (been google forever) , because this site is just so clean and well done.

I highly recommend it, I messed with it the other day for a few minutes and just fell in love with it, easy to customize, no bloat crap that google has allowed that stupid users put in to mess with on their google home pages (kinda like facebook has gotten with the gagillions of dumb applications! ARG!)

anyways, netvibes. I recommend it!

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gets ready to be pulverized

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PnL : I did but got back to computer too late to edit (I blame it on Milo; he had done something smelly.) I love to have lots of sharp eyes here…mine are getting tired. You see, I am a fair, honest, kind and appreciative person.

I did just take a look at Google and there are tons of junk that don’t interest me. If I am going to take all that time to type in stock abbreviations, prices, shares held, purchase price and all that jazz, I will check out your ideas (XCNuse.)

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I knew it was a typo (after all, we are talking about you!) but I just couldn’t resist. I am OCD about spelling and notice mistakes often but I usually ignore them since in my experience most people don’t learn anyway. Plus, I am the queen of typos.

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Gail, How are you going to get around having to type in your portfolio somewhere new? If you want a “better” portfolio site, you could try Morningstar. They have a nice x-ray device that will see what kind of overlap there is in your investments, an especially useful tool for buying mutual funds (if that’s your thing).

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Michael; I know I will have to type, type, type so I want to choose a good page that will stay in business for as long as I do. I will have a guy at Vanguard do my unsnarling and simplification during the winter. Too nice now and besides, I saw that the Dow dropped $400 today.

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